Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Witt!

Hello friends and family!

This seems like the easiest way to keep everyone updated on how amazing our lives are now that Kurt and I are married. And might I say, we LOVE being married.  We got married almost 2 weeks ago, and have had the time of our lives.  Within these two weeks, we have taken a trip to San Diego, went to Jason and Faith’s wedding (Jason is Kurt’s younger brother), started a new semester of school, picked things back up at work, moved into our first apartment, and bought our first bed (granted, it’s an air mattress, but it’s still a decent place to sleep…for now.)

For those of you who don’t know us very well, here’s a little introduction to the members of the Witt Family.


– From Santa Barbara, CA
– Goes to Dental Hygiene school
– Is a twin
– Enjoys playing soccer and volleyball, and watching her oh so athletic husband play sports.
– Loves eating Reese’s Puffs
– Favorite Disney princess is Cinderella (the cake topper on our wedding cake was Cinderella and Prince Charming)
– Is always cold, even when it’s over 75 degrees outside
– Loves to sing
– Is a perfectionist
– Makes balloon animals


– From Midlothian, VA
– Loves running, cycling, and weight lifting
– Is extremely neat and tidy (opposite of his wife)
– Drinks raw eggs (gross, I know)
– Is obsessed with Miami Heat
– Likes action movies
– Speaks Portuguese
– Finally got his first iPhone
– Eats his weight in chicken, chips, and salsa
– Moved to Orem so his lovely wife could continue to go to school (in other words, he is quite amazing).

As you can see, we are quite the pair and a good match for each other. We are excited to see  where life takes our little family and look forward to the things we are going to experience in this journey together!




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