Mother’s Day

Although I am not a mother, Kurt took the liberty of making me feel special on Mother’s Day. Kurt woke up at 8:00 am to start cooking a roast for dinner. After he did that, we went to church together, where I felt even more special when I got handed a delicious See’s candy bar from the ward to show appreciation to all the women in the ward. Although I am not a mother, at least I got a candy bar out of today 🙂 No girl would complain about that.
Dinner was so good! He even did ALL the dishes! I felt so blessed for having such a wonderful husband who constantly strives to make me feel special. He always makes me feel loved and appreciated, but for some reason, Mother’s Day was extra special. I didn’t have to do anything.  It was very relaxing and much less stressful than most days. I look forward to Mother’s Day every year if it means I don’t have to cook dinner, do the dishes, and I get a candy bar out of it.
During these past couple of weeks, my love for my own mother has grown. Even though I have only been married for a couple of weeks, I have really begun to realize how much work my mother put into making our home a safe and wonderful place to be. My mother is an amazing woman. From November to April, she was working, magnifying her calling at church as a member of the Relief Society Presidency, and then she pretty much planned my entire wedding on top of that.  My mom is a super star.  She is the best cook and baker on the planet by far, and believe it or not, but my mom is really funny.  I’m telling you, I’ve never laughed harder than when I’m with my mother.  I know everyone says that there mom is the best, but my mom gets bonus points because everyone else says my mom is the best, not just us kids.  I hope one day that I will be like my own mom.  If I achieve that goal in life, I’ll be happy forever.
After marrying Kurt, I gained a wonderful mother-in-law.  I felt like family the minute I met her.  She is sweet, kind, loving, full of life and filled with the Spirit.  I feel so blessed to have another wonderful woman in my life.

Kurt and I are very blessed to have Mothers who know (Alma 56:47-48), and women in our lives who want the best for us.




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