The Month of May

Kurt and I have had so much fun together this past month!  We love discovering new things to do together and have had many opportunities to learn more about one another.  Since I haven’t posted anything during the last half of May, here is a list of the wonderful things Kurt and I have been able to experience! 🙂

– I started seeing patients at school.
– My sister, Christine, stayed with us for a night and I was able to drop her off for her BYU Study Abroad.
– Kurt and I have been able to spend a lot of time with our nephews, Alex and Brett.  We love having them over at our apartment.  We’ve also had several opportunities to spend time with their wonderful parents, Shelly and Will, at their place.  We love having family so close by!
– Kurt started studying for the CPA exam.
– We went to the Imagine Dragons concert here in Orem (and we LOVED IT!).
– Spent a day in Heber City, UT for a missionary homecoming of a close friend’s parents.
– Celebrated our 1 month anniversary on Memorial Day (we spent nearly the entire day studying).
– We go on dates every Friday.
– We went to the Provo Temple.  It was my first time 🙂
– We have watched MANY Miami Heat basketball games.
– We have had dinner with Jason and Faith twice.
– We rented a puppy! Well…I rented a puppy.  There’s a company called Puppies For Rent in Provo, and I won the Naming Contest to name their new puppy, and the prize was 2 free hours with the puppy.  Kurt and I had a lot of fun with him.
– The pool at our apartment complex opened, and with it being so hot and the weather being so beautiful, it has been hard to avoid.
– WE GOT A BED! No more air mattress, thank goodness.  Along with that, we’ve been able to settle down into our apartment more, which has been very nice.  Our little 1 bedroom apartment is really starting to feel like a Home.
– We went rock climbing.  I’ve been wanting to go rock climbing with Kurt for a long time, and he finally took me! We were the only ones there, so it was nice that we could blast music and just hang out together.  My arms are so sore!
– We finished reading the Book of Mormon together.  We have loved being able to grow spiritually together, and look forward to studying the scriptures more this year.

The month of May has been really fun for us.  We can’t wait to see what June has in store for us.  Since we finished the Book of Mormon, I’ve decided to read the Doctrine & Covenants in chronological order, and Kurt is currently reading the Pearl of Great Price.  He has said something about reading the Book of Mormon again by the end of the year, along with studying the Doctrine & Covenants.  I admire his love of scripture study and his desire to grow in the Gospel.  I married an amazing man!
We look forward to more experiences we can share together.  We love learning more about each other everyday.  We are excited for summer and the wonderful adventures it will bring for our little family.

Dropping Christine off at the SLC Airport
Coloring with Alex and Brett

photo (32)
Imagine Dragons concert!
We had so much fun at this concert!  We hope to go to another one soon.

photo (29)
Watching the Miami Heat game
at Jason and Faith’s.
Obviously Kurt is mesmorized.
Puppies for Rent! We spent 2 hours with Harley.  It was nice being able to have some
 company while Kurt had to work.  But Kurt came and played with us after 🙂


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