No June Gloom Here!

June has been a wonderful month for us!  We have been overwhelmed with the love and support that people give us each and every day. Here are a couple of things we’ve done this month.

– We have watched every game of the NBA Finals.  We love Miami Heat!
– We spoke in church on Father’s Day.  I was able to introduce our family to the ward (which is weird), and we both spoke about the lessons we have learned from our fathers, grandfathers, respected Priesthood holders, and our Heavenly Father.  We loved the chance to show appreciation to the great men in our lives and to show the ward the kind of people we are.
– We study nonstop.  I am always studying for a test and/or quiz (I have a quiz in almost every class, everyday) and Kurt is studying so hard for the CPA exam.  I love studying with Kurt.  Believe it or not, it’s a lot easier studying with him than without him because I can count studying time as spending time with Kurt as well.
– We got a couch! It’s not all that extravagant, but the red couch cover we bought for it is quite nice 🙂  We’re getting closer to making our apartment a little more like a Home…but at the rate we are going, I’m  afraid will be “moving in” until the day we have to move out!
– We get to see family ALL THE TIME! I absolutely love it.  Kurt runs with his sister, Amy, about twice a week, and then I get to spend time with her when I come home from school.  We watch all the NBA Finals games at Jason and Faith’s house, which has been a lot of fun.  We see Shelly, Will, Alex, and Brett a couple times a month as well.  We love spending time with them.  The boys are growing up really fast!  We got to spend time with Ryan, Kaylynn and Dallin this past weekend.  Dallin is getting so big!  It’s always fun going to Highland to visit them when they are in town.  We hope to see them more often in the future.
– We got our wedding photos! Blake Grimmer Photography did an amazing job.  I am obsessed with the pictures.  I’m sure Kurt is probably tired of me asking him to go through all of them with me.  But we both are very pleased with how they turned out.  We just can’t believe the wedding and reception was almost 2 months ago (wow!).
– It’s been reeeeeeally hot here. It’s been in the high 80s, and sometimes the low 90s, so going to the pool is always fun.  Unfortunately, Kurt doesn’t join me most of the time.  That’s okay though.  It’s because he’s working so hard to provide for our little family. I’m okay with that 🙂  Utah summers can be really hot.  I’m used to June Gloom in California, where it doesn’t usually get hot until July, and it’s cloudy all June.  I’m glad we don’t have that here.
– We watched all the Fast and Furious movies in a week.  It was fun having our own little movie marathon.  We love watching movies together.  Since we don’t have a TV yet, we just watch in on the bed on my computer.  I always seem to fall asleep during movies, so I’m trying to get better at staying awake and paying attention so Kurt doesn’t have to watch by himself.

Overall, this month has been great! We really look forward to continuing our first summer together and having our own Witt Family adventures.  On the agenda for the rest of the month is studying, babysitting Alex and Brett so Shelly and Will can celebrate their anniversary, studying, going to the temple, studying, having Christine come stay with us before she moves to Colorado for her internship…oh yeah…did I mention studying? 🙂



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