Taking A Vacation

Kurt and I were able to take a wonderful little “vacation” this weekend.  No, we didn’t go anywhere.  My parents came here! We loved having my mom and dad up here to visit.  My mom had a high school reunion, and my dad had a wedding, so my parents spent the weekend up here in Utah with us 🙂
I’ve definitely missed my parents since I’ve gotten married.  My parents are the greatest.  I know everyone says that, but seriously…my parents trump everyone else.  My mom is the greatest cook and baker of all time (she made my wedding cake and cupcake tower!).  She’s funny, crafty, smart, and quite young at heart.  We had a fun time catching up while she was here.  It wasn’t until this weekend, spending time with my parents, that I realized how similar my mom and I are.  We ended up ordering most of the same food when we went out to eat too.  She and I share a deep love for shave ice.  My mom has a shave ice machine, and she was kind enough to let Kurt and I borrow it for the next month.  We’ve used it so much, and we’ve only had it since Friday.  Let’s just say that our 10 pound bag of ice is almost gone 🙂  Anyways, I love my mom.  Then there’s my dad, who is THE BEST dad anyone could ever have.  He taught me everything I need to know about appreciating a good meal and taking advantage of all you can eat buffets.  He’s also very handy, so it’s super fun learning new things about how to better take care of our apartment, different ways to clean different things, and anything car related.  My dad definitely takes care of Kurt and me.
Overall, we had a wonderful time with my parents.  We were sad to see them leave Sunday night, but we will see them in a month when Kurt and I get to go to Santa Barbara for another little vacation.

Yesterday was Pioneer Day.  I love Pioneer Day, because you get to eat good food, participate in fun activities, and there’s always fireworks.  It’s like a mini 4th of July.  It’s a pretty big holiday here in Utah.  It celebrates the day when the Mormon Pioneers made it to the Salt Lake Valley after crossing the United States with wagons, handcarts, and walking on foot.  I have pioneer heritage in my family.  It’s amazing to think about how courageous the pioneers were when it came to crossing the plains in terrible weather conditions, with large families, meeting death and awful circumstances along the way.  I admire all those who made the dangerous journey so they could live and worship freely.  I’m proud to know that some of those people are members of my family.  Kurt and I were able to spend time together in our little family as we celebrated Pioneer Day.  We spent time minigolfing with Shelly Will, Alex and Brett, had our friend Jason over for dinner, and watched fireworks that night across the street from our apartment at UVU.  It was a great day! Plus, since it’s a holiday, I didn’t have to go to school! It was great being able to take a little break.

I only have a couple weeks of my second semester of Dental Hygiene school left.  I can’t believe how fast time has gone by.  It seems like just yesterday that I was starting Dental Hygiene school at UCDH.  But I’m about 7 months into it.  Only 13 more to go!  But once my semester ends, Kurt and I get to go to Santa Barbara.  We both are in need of another little vacation 🙂



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