Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!

Kurt and I have had a very fun and eventful October.  We have had many fun experiences, changes, and surprises during the past month, and we have welcomed those things with open arms.  I can’t write about everything, and so much has gone on, so here’s a list of some of the things we’ve done (in chronological order, of course)!

October 5th- We were able to attend the Saturday Afternoon Session of General Conference, and Kurt was able to go to the Priesthood session as well.  We went with Kurt’s family and had a wonderful time.  They were in town for a week, and my parents happened to be in town that same weekend of conference, so they were able to attend the same session I was able to attend as well.  I am so grateful that Kurt and I were blessed with loving families who take care of us when they come and visit.  The dinners, the breakfasts, and the fun times will definitely be remembered!

October 11th- Kurt and I went to Ogden, UT to visit Ryan, Kaylynn, & Dallin (Kurt’s brother, sister-in-law, and nephew).  They just bought a house, so it was so much fun helping them get a little more settled.  Okay…let’s be honest, Kurt and Ryan did the settling in part and Kaylynn, Shannon (Kaylynn’s sister) and I all played with Dallin because that is much more entertaining.  Kurt and I have the cutest nephew!
October 12th- Kurt went to Lowe’s with Ryan, Dallin, Will (Kurt’s brother-in-law), Alex & Brett (nephews) and participated in a little Father-Son activity.  Even though Kurt isn’t a father, he is the BEST uncle!  While they did that, us girls drove down and Kaylynn and I went to Shelly & Will’s house to help prepare for Alex’s 4th birthday party!  It was so much fun seeing how happy and excited he was to blow out candles and open presents.  Kurt and I gave him a Dinosaur piggy bank, and he absolutely loved it! Since we were not able to give Brett his birthday present in August, we gave him a Monkey piggy bank, and I have never seen Brett smile so big 🙂  It makes Kurt and I feel so good when we know that we make our nephews happy.
October 15th- HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHERIE! Cherie was one of my roommates when I lived at the Elms, and she is such a fun and amazing person.  I’m so glad that I was able to see her on her birthday.  A bunch of us got together and went and got sushi.  I LOVE sushi, and Kurt can’t stand it.  So, unfortunately, I was on my own representing the two of us at this birthday dinner for Cherie.  But I absolutely loved seeing my friends and had a great time celebrating with them 🙂
October 18th- We have made friends with an awesome couple in our ward, Mike & Alexa.  We went on a double date with them and went to Indian Palace on Center St. in Provo and went and saw The Wolverine.  Let me just say: incredible food, incredible movie, and even more incredible company!  We always have fun with them and are glad that we have made friends in our ward. 
October 19th- Kurt and I were able to attend my school’s halloween party.  We went as 80’s prom dates.  Kurt looked so handsome in his light blue suit 🙂 We had so much fun plaing games, eating treats, and socializing.  Okay, I had fun doing that, but Kurt held his own and had fun as well.

October 22nd- I had the very wonderful experience of attending a Young Women Leadership Training that was lead by the General Young Women Presidency.  It was such an amazing and uplifting night and I am so glad that I had the opportunity to go!  Why did I go?  Check out October 27th!
October 24th- As many of you know, Kurt and I love going to the temple, and that is what we did on the 24th.  We love reflecting on the covenants that we made. This day actually marked 6 months since I went through the temple for myself, and I am so grateful that I did!  I have been so blessed since that day, and have seen my life change for the better as Kurt helps me honor the covenants I made.
October 26th- As we have said before, we love our nephews.  But now we have a niece, Rachel, who I absolutely love and adore! Kurt and I were able to babysit Alex, Brett, & Rachel this past Saturday.  I love Alex, and I love Brett…but I absolutely LOVE having a niece.  She is the most precious little bundle of cuteness you will ever see.  She has had some medical complications when she was born 9 weeks ago, but she is continuing to improve and grow by leaps and bounds, and I am so happy that I get to witness that.
October 27th- Kurt and I were released as Activities Specialists in our ward.  It was a hard calling, but we will definitely miss it.  It really helped us get to know the ward and make friends with other members.  Kurt is now the Ward Mission Leader, and has already dove in head first into the work.  He loves his new calling already.  Although there are many meetings and many responsibilities, Kurt knows that he is the perfect person for the calling.  I am so grateful that I am married to a man who gives 100% to the things the Lord calls him to do.  I am a lucky wife! I am also Primary Chorister, and I’ll be honest, I was a little relieved and grateful that I was released because I would only have one calling, and I would be able to focus on helping the primary children learn music.  Well, that was completely false.  I am now the First Counselor in the Young Women Presidency.  I am extremely grateful for the opportunity I have been given to serve the Young Women of the ward.  Within the past 5 months of being in the ward, this is my 3rd calling.  I have worked with the adults, I have worked with the children, but I have not worked with the youth of my ward, and I know the Lord has given me this calling for a reason, that I am meant to learn something more, and that I am meant to help others learn and grow in the gospel.  During the past 2 days, I have come to know that the Lord qualifies who He calls.  I have not only seen that in my husband and his calling, but in my calling as well.  I’m not saying that I suddenly know everything and am a master at my calling, but I know that I have been given the chance to develop new talents and skills that will benefit me in the future.
October 27th also marks 6 months since Kurt and I were married and sealed in the Los Angeles Temple.  My goodness, how time has flown!  We can’t believe it has already been 6 months (HALF A YEAR PEOPLE!) since we tied the knot.  We were able to celebrate this exciting time by going to dinner tonight (Oct. 28th).  We went to La Jolla Groves in Provo, UT.  It was delicious! So, I actually asked Kurt on a date to celebrate our 6th month anniversary.  He ended up figuring out where we were going, and ended up paying too!  I know that probably sounds weird, but since I asked him on a date, I was going to pay.  But I married such a great man who would never let that happen, so he paid for my little surprise for him.  Isn’t he sweet?!

October has brought us so many blessings, and it makes us feel so loved.  The Lord has been watching over us this month, and has given us opportunities to learn and grow in our individual lives, in our marriage, and in our callings as well.  We are so grateful for the love and support that we have received during this past 6 months of our marriage, and are so thankful for those who continue to be there for us.  We look forward to the changes that are coming our way, and will keep you updated on the busy lives of the Witt Family! 🙂

Here are some pictures that summarize more of the events that have taken place this month.


I have learned to give injections at school! We practice
numbing each other and we learn a new injection every week.
It’s actually quite fun! Don’t worry, I haven’t hurt anyone 🙂
We took class pictures the other day at school, so here is a picture
of a bunch of the girls I go to school with.  I am so lucky to have
them as my friends!
What a good looking family!
A couple girls in my class and I were involved in a presentation
teaching Young Women about dental hygiene this past month.  I made
sugar cookies that looked like dental floss.  It was my first time baking
and decorating something this detailed without my mom.
Kurt and I at my school Halloween party.  We love the 80s!

This is our nephew, Dallin.  Somehow, he picked up the word
“Buster”.  Uncle Kurt is now “Buster Kurt”.



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