Jingle Bells, California, and Ringing in the New Year!

I’m pretty sure I’m the worst blogger of all time because I haven’t even written about our Christmas adventures yet! But have no fear, because you all will get to read about the beautiful, magical, and sunny Christmas break BK and I were able to have this past year.

BK and I had the most wonderful Christmas Break in the world.  Not only were we able to go to Santa Barbara, but we were also able to go to San Francisco as well!  We did so much, it’s hard to summarize it all.

Before Christmas break though, I had to survive finals week.  Believe me, it was not an easy task.  I worked my hardest, and {including the grades I got on my finals} I was able to end the semester with 5 A’s and 1 B.  I was so happy, I cried.  It was a great way to end the semester and begin my 2.5 week long break.  This break was the first break I was finally able to not worry about absolutely anything! The first break I spent putting finishing details on my wedding, and my second break I spent studying for school.  This break was spent with my Sweetheart and my family traveling, celebrating Christmas, and starting the new year.  It was so perfect, I wish I could go back.  Here’s a {very summarized} play-by-play of our fantastic vacation in California!
Saturday, December 21: Unfortunately, driving to Santa Barbara really isn’t super fun. BUT, I’m so glad I got to spend an entire day with my love and he is the best driver. Road trips together are never boring.  Since we had to travel this day, we weren’t able to make it to a wedding on Kurt’s side of the family 😦 But CONGRATS to Spencer & Megan on being the
newest Mr. & Mrs. Witt!
Tuesday, December 24: Christmas Eve is my favorite! I love the excitement of Christmas, and I ESPECIALLY love Christmas Eve dinner when it’s prime rib 🙂 Anyways, I was able to see my dearest friend from high school, Flo! I love this girl to death and she’s doing so many amazing things with her life.  I am so grateful that I made such a good friend in high school who was always supportive of the choice I made to stay away from negative influences. I am so blessed!
Wednesday, December 25: IT’S CHRISTMAS! We opened our gifts, packed our suitcases and headed for San Francisco! We stopped in Morro Bay {to see the giant rock; Kurt had never been}, San Simeon {to see the elephant seals on the beach} and then on to San Francisco.  We had dinner at the Boudin Sourdough Bakery & Cafe, where they have a swanky upstairs restaurant.  That is where we had Christmas dinner, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.  Now that we were in SF, I could get my seafood fix.  Kurt’s a hater when it comes to all things seafood, so I had to get my fix. My shrimp pizza with sourdough crust was the perfect way to start my seafood-filled weekend. We then HAD to go to Ghirardelli Square and get sundaes.  They were to die for!

Thursday, December 26: We all walked around Pier 39 that morning and looked in all the tourist shops.  Is so fun seeing all the funny things they have.  We did this to kill time before our audio tour of Alcatraz.  It was SO COOL! I had already done it before {SF trip in high school for a singing competition}, but it was Kurt’s first time in SF so I had a blast doing things with him.  We both found Alcatraz to be absolutely incredible.  We then went to Fog Harbor Fish House where I was {again} able to fulfill my seafood cravings with Ahi tuna. I LOVE seafood and all things fish, so I was in heaven.  I’m sure Kurt loved all the hamburgers and steaks he said in SF during prime Crab season 🙂  After dinner, we went to the Exploratorium.  That place is LEGIT.  It is full of all of these interactive sciency things. As much as I wanted to use as little brain power as possible during Christmas break, it was fun learning new things.

Friday, December 27: Today was a very momentous day because Kurt went on his first trolly ride! He was the happiest person in San Fran that morning 🙂 We walked throughout China Town, then walked all the way to Lombard St., WALKED UP LOMBARD ST., and then walked to Ghirardelli Square {yes, we had to go again} to reward ourselves for all that darn walking we did! I’ll be honest, I wasn’t the hugest fan of having to walk up Lombard St.  But now I can say I walked up “the crookedest street in the world”.  Even after Ghirardelli Square, we were starving. So we went to Carmel’s Pizza. If you ever go to SF, you HAVE to go there. The pizza was incredible!

Saturday, December 28: Our last day in SF 😦 It was so sad leaving.  I think SF stole our hearts a little because it’s such a dreamy place to be.  We had breakfast at Hollywood Cafe, where I literally got the largest omlet and mightiest hashbrowns I had ever seen. I couldn’t even it half of it.  To burn off our breakfast, we went and walked across the Golden Gate Bridge.  I love the Golden Gate Bridge, and it was fun being their for Kurt’s first time seeing it.  It was sad having to drive home, but I think we were all ready to be back in our own beds.

The rest of the break was so relaxing.  We went and walked on the beach, spent time with friends and family, and prepped for the long drive back to Utah before school and work started up again.  We celebrated the New Year with our friends, Jesse & Edith, and many other people.  Every time we go to SB we are reminded of how much we miss people there and how we can’t wait to go back and visit soon!

So far, 2014 has treated our little family very well! We’ve been able to find more time to spend together, more needs and wants of ours are met every single day, and I’m back at school.  It’s really hard to look at school as a blessing sometimes, especially when I spend 45 hours a week focused on it and it pretty much takes over my entire life, BUT I am glad I am back at school because everyday I get closer and closer to graduating.  MARK YOUR CALENDARS! I will graduate in August 2014 and I am SO EXCITED to say that I graduate THIS YEAR!  More and more blessing keep being poured upon Kurt and I.  We cannot believe how wonderfully 2014 has started off, and we can’t wait to go on more adventures together this year!
There was a drinking fountain that was in a toilet at the Exploratorium.  It was right next to a regular drinking fountain, and this display talked about perception and how it’s less likely to drink from the “toilet” just because of the way it looked. Kurt had no fear!
We got really into it and bought matching shirts for us to wear on the last day 🙂


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