Love Month

Looking back at my post from January and how it flew by so fast makes me realize that February went by even quicker than the month before! Which makes sense because there are less days in February than any other month…

During this past month, I’ve done my absolute best to really focus on all the things in my life that I truly love and am grateful for.

– Kurt: he is the love of my life and my best friend
– Family: they are so supportive in everything that I do
– Friends: they build me up and help me keep doing m best
– Education: it’s hard, but I’ve grown to love learning
– The Gospel: I can’t even begin to explain how happy the Gospel of Jesus Christ makes me.  Knowing where I came from, who I am, who I am meant to become, and where I will go is very important to me.  I know that God loves me and knows who I am, and I love having the knowledge of that.
– Temples: knowing that I have an eternal family because of temples is so comforting.
– Dental Hygiene: because I couldn’t imagine studying any other profession, and it’s one of the most important things to me.
– Health: I’m healthy, Kurt is healthy, and we feel very blessed because of it.
We did a lot of fun things in February.  Kurt has been playing a lot of church basketball, and I do my best to go to as many of his games as I can.
February 14th was quite a day to celebrate. It was our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple, and also the first Valentine’s day that we were able to spend together.  Last year, I was in Utah and Kurt was in California, so it was nice that we were able to celebrate together.  Kurt and I are not big celebrators of the holiday.  We think it’s more important to spend everyday during the year recognizing the love that we have for each other.  But we will never pass up an excuse to love each other more and to celebrate with food.  I made breakfast for Kurt on Valentine’s Day.  I made raspberry filled ebelskivers. They were incredible, if I do say so myself.  I made breakfast all fancy with orange juice in wine glasses and all that jazz.  I’d say it’s definitely something Kurt wouldn’t mind eating again. 🙂 

Then I made Kurt a Valentine.  His favorite candy is Swedish Fish so I decided to do a little play off of that.  Here’s what I came up with!

Kurt took me to Tucanos Brazilian Grill for dinner.  I have a very deep and unwavering love for Tucanos.  Especially their mango cod and picahlo.  I was so spoiled.  Kurt is the kindest, most loving, generous, and loyal man I have ever met. I am so lucky to have him as my husband.

Later that same weekend, Kurt and I went to the Midway Ice Castles with Christine and Payton.  They announced they were closing for the season, so we had to hurry up and go because none of us plan to be in Utah during the next winter.  It was very cool (haha…get it? Cool, as in cold, as in ice).  Even Elsa and Ana were there!  It was a fun little experience to share together.

On the last day of February, Kurt and I went to the temple.  I don’t think it’s possible for me to describe the peace that I feel when I’m in the temple.  It’s the one place in this world that is not of this world.  It’s the only place where I can always feel loved and comforted, and I am so unbelievably grateful for that.

February quickly came to an end.  I hardly remember what we did because of all the school work I have had and all the other many things that keep Kurt and I busy.  But I do know that February was a great month.  When is celebrating love not great?

Soon I will be updating the world on my twin sister’s 2 bridal showers (one thrown by me, the other in Santa Barbara, CA); my older sister, Elise, surprising us with a visit; Dental Hygiene School and Mock Boards (dun Dun DUN!!!)

Kurt and I are looking forward to an incredible end of March, the end of winter, and the ending of my 4th semester of Dental Hygiene school!


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