The Madness That Comes With March

March was such a wonderful month, and I keep looking back wondering what made it go by so quickly! It’s probably because Kurt and I kept ourselves so busy, and we had fun things to do every weekend.  Here’s a summary of all the fun times we had during the month of March! (Yes, I am aware that it is the middle of April. Bear with me please.)

March 1st: I got to participate in Utah Give Kids A Smile.  My school hosts it every year, and as a student, I get to help clean and put sealants on children who don’t have access to dental care and their families fall below the poverty line.  It was a long day, full of crying kids who were scared because of lack of experience and exposure to a dental office, but they all smiled in the end! I am so grateful for this experience because I hope to continue to do things like this throughout my dental hygiene career.

March 7th: I had to take Mock Boards.  I don’t want to talk about it.  It was a truamatic event. Okay, maybe I’m being a bit dramatic, but there will be another blog post coming as a continuation of my series of “Life As A Dental Hygiene Student” posts.


March 8th: I was able to throw a bridal shower for my twin sister, Christine.  I had so much fun planning it and everything turned out so well.  One of Christine’s friends was in charge of the lunch and she made soup and bread bowls. They were delicious!  We had cookies and cupcakes for dessert, played a couple games, and opened gifts.  We had such a wonderful time, and I am so happy that my sister is getting married.  One of the best parts of the Bridal Shower was when my older sister, Elise, showed up! We had no idea! She flew all the way from Maryland and surprised us.  Kurt and my parents knew and they did a great job of keeping it a surprise.  We haven’t been together since Christmas, so it was fun being able to celebrate together.

A couple things I made for Christine’s Bridal Shower in Mapleton, UT.

March 14th-16th: Kurt and I, along with Christine and my friend Alex, flew to California for another bridal shower for Christine.  It was so wonderful being able to go back to Santa Barbara.  Plus, Kurt and I loved being able to wear shorts!  During our weekend in SB we were able to go out and get Chinese food at my family’s favorite restaurant (The Red Pepper) along with getting our favorite Mexican food from Los Agaves.  Food is one of my favorite reasons for going home because if I don’t get my mom’s cooking, at least I get to go to some of my favorite restaurants! Saturday morning was Christine’s bridal shower and we had a tasty brunch following by opening gifts and socializing.  It’s weird to think that exactly 1 year ago that same weekend, we were in Santa Barbara again for my own bridal shower (can you believe it’s been almost 1 year of marriage for us already?!).  After the bridal shower, Kurt and I were able to go to the beach with friends. Oh, how we missed the beach! The weather was absolutely beautiful and it was so difficult to leave.  We had such a wonderful time and we can’t wait to go and visit again at the end of April.

The tastiest desserts at Christine’s Bridal Shower Brunch

March 21st-23rd: We were invited to go up to Mink Creek, ID and spend the weekend with Alex and her family.  There was a total of 12 of us and we had such a great time! There is no cell reception so it was nice to disconnect from the world for a little bit.  We went on walks, shot guns, rode ATVs, and had home cooked meals.  We miss it, and hope to have another fun, spontaneous adventure like this soon!

March 26th: HAPPY BIRTHDAY KURT! Kurt turned the big 2-7.  I can’t believe we met he was 24. We went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner after I got out of school, and then Christine and Payton came over for cheesecake.  It was fun being able to spoil Kurt a little. 🙂
 With Kurt’s birthday, many people have asked what the age difference is between us and many people are surprised when I tell them what it is.  I love the age gap that we have, and although we grew up and had exposure to different things at different ages (Kurt got his first cell phone after his mission; I got mine in 8th grade), we wouldn’t have it any other way.  It’s fun being able to learn from each other’s experiences.

March 27th: I presented my Senior Table Clinic with my group titled, “Becoming The Ideal Hygienist”, which pretty much summed up everything you need to know.  Since Dental Hygiene is one of the main reasons why many of you read this blog (and because my personal life is so unbelievably thrilling for you to read about), I’m working on a post about my 4th semester of dental hygiene school, mock boards, and my senior table clinic.

March 28th: Kurt and I went to the BYU vs. UCSB men’s volleyball game.  It was one of my presents to Kurt for his birthday, so it was really fun to be able to go together.  Since we are from Santa Barbara,(okay, BK is really from Virginia but lived in SB for 2 years), it was fun to root for both teams.  We are both competitive people so we love watching competitive things.

March 29th: We again, without fail, went to the temple at the end of the month.  Kurt and I are continuing to see the blessings in our lives from going to the temple, and we will never stop going.  It brings us such comfort and peace knowing that we have a Heavenly Father who loves and cares about us and makes that very known to us.
We also went up to Ogden with Amy to visit Ryan, Kaylynn, and Dallin.  We always love spending time with them.  While Kurt, Ryan, and Dallin had a little guys night, us ladies went to watch the General Women’s Meeting that was broadcasted from Salt Lake City.  Being in both Young Women’s and Primary, I’ve had the opportunity to see young girls and young women grow and progress and see how wonderful they are.  It was such an eye opener to me that there are so many of those girls and young women around the world, and I am proud that I get to spend my Sundays with such bright, talented and beautiful daughters of God.

I’m writing this in April, and we are already halfway through it! Time flies when you’re having fun. Well, that may be true but I’ve been studying. Studying does not mean fun.  Hopefully my next several blog posts will consist of summaries of the General Women’s Meeting & General Conference, Dental Hygiene & Dental Hygiene School, and all about the month of April (which will include our 2 trips to California, a summary of the weddings we attend, our 1 year anniversary, Disneyland, and much more!).

March Favorites
Candy: Swedish Fish
Fruit: Strawberries
Drink: “Simply Orange” orange juice
Place to Eat: Texas Roadhouse
TV Show: Castle (We love Castle & Beckett!)
Thing to do together: Throw a frisbee
Date Night: BYU vs. UCSB volleyball game


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