JUNE has brought us so many things:
>> S U M M E R : the pool, tanning, swimsuits, the heat – I absolutely love it.
>> FIFA World Cup (need I say more?)
>> School
>> Boards Exams
>> Baptisms
>> New Employment (whaaaaaaaaaat?)
>> Lots of BBQs
>> Family Time

We’ve had a wonderful start to the summer.  We love the warm weather and the fact that it doesn’t get dark until 9:30 pm.  Kurt and I love being outside, especially during the summer.  This is our 4th summer together {dated summer of 2011 & 2012, married for summer of 2013 & 2014} and our second summer in Utah.  Summertime is definitely our favorite season.

We started the month off with a busy weekend for me.  On June 6th, I was able to volunteer at the Utah Summer Special Olympics in Herriman, UT.  It was so much fun helping with Healthy Athletes and the dental exams that they provide.  The many volunteer opportunities over the past year have helped me gain more appreciation for the people I will be working with and for the dental/dental hygiene profession. Plus, it’s so much fun to volunteer with my friends!

The next day {June 7th}, I took my first boards exam! I was a nervous wreck, and I had Kurt drive me so I would have a shoulder to cry on when I came out of the test.  Needless to say, I didn’t cry after the test, but it was so great having Kurt there to support me after such a stressful and important time.  From there, we drove up to Ogden to meet our newest nephew, Michael! He is such a sweet little guy, and we love watching the families around us grow.

On June 8th, we went to Eagle Mountain to visit more family! I took family pictures for Kurt’s sister’s family.  Guys, I might be biased, but we have the cutest niece and nephews ever.  We always have fun with Alex, Brett & Rachel.

From June 10th-12th, Kurt was in Oregon with his dad to watch his brother, Jason, run the 10,000 M at the NCAA Division 1 Men’s Outdoor Track & Field National Championship.  Jason placed 12th and was Second Team All American.  Kurt had a blast having a little “guys” trip, and we are really proud of Jason!
We went to 2 baptisms this past month: one on the 14th and one on the 21st.  We love attending baptisms and being reminded of the wonderful covenants we made when we were baptized.  Kurt had the opportunity to conduct the baptism program on the 14th, and I was able to give a talk on the Holy Ghost on the 21st.  So not only do we love attending baptisms, we have come to love participating in the programs as well.
Kurt loves BBQs.  I love BBQs.  We are a BBQ lovin’ family.  Therefore, we like to go to BBQs.  We had one at our place on the 13th with our neighbors and Kurt’s sister, Amy.  We went to one on the 20th at Jason & Faith’s place, and then another one on the 21st after the baptism.  I think I’ve had enough hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, and sausage to last me a lifetime!
As many of you know, Kurt and I go to the temple every month.  We went on our Ward Temple Night to the Mount Timpanogos Temple in American Fork, UT.  We love living so close to so many temples, and going every month is so important to us.  We feel so blessed to have the temple as such a big part of our lives.
We’ve spent a lot of time with family, and absolutely love it.  One afternoon, we went and walked around Bridal Veil Falls in the Provo Canyon with Amy.  Being there reminded us that we live in such a beatiful place!  I can’t get enough of Utah, which is why I am so glad we are staying here instead of moving back to California {“Whaaaaaaaat?!” you say? Keep reading for the details!}

Now for the biggest news of the month – Kurt got a new job! {Sorry to those who clicked on the link on facebook thinking I was going to announce an addition to our family; this news isn’t as exciting, but is still pretty great!} Kurt started working for the company, Crio Brü.  He no longer works from home, and now goes to work in Lindon, UT. What does this mean for us? It means we will be staying in Utah rather than moving back to Santa Barbara! Yes, it is bitter-sweet, but we are so excited for the adventures we are going to have living in Utah more long term.  We are obsessed with their products, and drink Crio Brü every day.  Thankfully it’s healthy!
We’ve come to receive many blessings this past month.  Our lives have completely changed now that we know we will be in Utah for several more years.  We look forward to being close to Kurt’s family and enjoying all the wonderful things Utah has to offer. 
June Favorites
Food: Art City Donuts (follow their truck on Instagram!)
Drink: Crio Brü (Cavalla is our favorite)
Snack: Crio Beans
Favorite Date: Going out to Red Robin and walking around the mall (We’ve come to enjoy the small, simple things in life.  Even an hour and a half away from school and work can bring us so much happiness!)
Movie: World War Z (We’ve already seen it, but Jason was talking about it one day and we were in the mood to watch it again)
TV Show: The Bachelorette & Castle; and FIFA World Cup!
40 days until I graduate
50 days until I’ll be done with Boards
It’s the day after July 4th, and we had the best time celebrating the 238th birthday of our country! Here’s a sneak peek to our incredible day {blogpost will follow shortly}!



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