Magic in a Rocket

My second favorite holiday is the 4th of July {my first is Christmas, in case you were wondering}.  I love the BBQs, fireworks, late nights, patriotic songs, anything RW&B, craft projects, creative food displays, you name it.  I love America.  I love the freedom that I have because I live in this beautiful place.  I love the people who make our country for what it is, especially those serving our country.

Shout out to my sister, Elise, right now.  Everyone, she’s legit.  After graduating from Brigham Young Universiy in Biophysics (yeah…don’t even know what that is), she took a year off and moved back to Santa Barbara and worked at the Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital.  During that time, she applied to medical school and decided to go to Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, Maryland.  “Uniformed Services?” you say? “YES!” is what I say, and yes that means my sister joined the military.  The United States Navy to be more specific {just like my dad}.  Guys, my sister is becoming a doctor AND serves your country.  So be proud, because I for one am the proudest little sis on this earth.  And take pride in the people who serve your country, because I am definitely proud of and grateful for my grandparents, my aunts and uncles, my dad, my cousins, my very own older sister, and thousands and thousdands of other people who have served and continue to serve our country.
Sorry for the not-so-great quality of the picture. It’s the only one I could
find of my way legit totally awesome sister reppin’ her sweet uniform.
We had the BEST 4th of July! It would’ve been slightly better if we watched the parade in Provo, but Kurt and I had the very rare opportunity of sleeping in, and so we took it.  Boy, was it nice.
We drove up to Ogden and had a BBQ at Ryan & Kaylynn’s house {there I go again about BBQs}.  We ate lots of food, watched the kids play, ate more food, watched the kids play more, and just enjoyed everyone’s company.  I love being with family on holidays. Family makes everything more special.
That night, we went and watched the Stadium of Fire fireworks. I love fireworks.  They’re magic in a rocket…literally.  My favorite are the gold ones that shimmer and sparkle as they fade away.  Kurt’s favorites are the ones that make the loudest booms. Haha, he’s such a little kid.  Which is another reason why I love holidays in general because you kind of get to act like a kid again, and just enjoy the magic of the day.
Here’s some pictures that capture our wonderful 4th.

Our nephew, Dallin. You can tell he just loves the water!

This is Alex. He just couldn’t wait to go down that slide!

Here’s Brett! A little hesitant at first to go down the slide, but you could tell that he definitely had the most fun.
4th of July family picture

Big Kurt and Little Dallin, who is becoming less little and more “Big” every time we see him.

We loved trying out this patriotic drink from Pinterest. I was in the Pinterest mood {let’s be honest here…I am always in the Pinterest mood; it just gets more intense when holidays come along}, so we decided to try this one.  It tasted so yummy!

Here’s what we used for the drinks. Note to drink maker: fill the ENTIRE glass with ice {if you don’t, your Pinterest Perfection will be a “Nailed-it” creation}

Here’s the link for where we found how to make the drinks. {Here’s a pre-“you’re welcome”, because you will thank me later after tasting it’s deliciousness}
Things that make me feel Patriotic
The Star Spangled Banner, our National Anthem, in all it’s glory.
This World Cup commercial is the best!
Food — Something about red, white, & blue food just gets me in the big time USA pride mood.
Fireworks. Lots and lots of fireworks.
This video is appearing everywhere. This is exactly the kind of magic that I’m talking about.
Video of Stadium of Fire fireworks.  Like I said, the gold ones that shimmer and sparkle before and as they fade away are my favorite!

Overall, our July 4th celebration was wonderful, magical, family-filled, and perfect {& sparkly!}.  Only 172 days until my first favorite holiday! 

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