Getting Creative

Since I’ve had a lot more free time lately (aka…I don’t have to spend as much time studying now as I used to), I’ve decided to take on a couple craft projects.  I was able to do 2 in the last couple weeks, and I’m excited about how they turned out!

“Admit One”

My first was was the Admit One ticket box pictured below.  I saw this on Pinterest, and I just had to make it.  Thank goodness Kurt is so sentimental and kept tickets from all the things we’ve done since we started dating a little over 3 years ago {kidding}.


I bought everything at Hobby Lobby, which has become my new favorite store.  I’m obsessed.  The other day, I just walked up and down every aisle just to look at everything.  Kurt knows when I go to Hobby Lobby because I start talking about how I plan on decorating our first house haha!
Here’s the final result! I absolutely love it.  I made Kurt hang it up as soon as he got home.  Looking at all of these tickets reminds me of so many fun times I’ve had with Kurt, family, and friends.  Here are a couple that I’ll share with you:
Santa Barbara Sailing Center: This ticket is in the lower left hand corner.  It’s the oldest ticket I have that holds a memory of something Kurt and I did together.  During the first summer we dated, he took me on a Sunset Cruise in Santa Barbara.  Believe it or not, but the captain said that our night out on the ocean was the only night that week that was cloudy; we did not see the sun set that night. We keep talking about how we need to go again.
San Diego Zoo: We honeymoon-ed in San Diego, and Kurt took me to the zoo. It was incredible!  We had so much fun.  We especially loved the polar bears and the pandas.
Imagin Dragons: This was the first concert we went to together.  It was 3 weeks after we got married.  We love music, so it’s been fun to go to concerts together.  So far we’ve been to 3 (FUN. & Heart are the other two; our tickets to FUN. are in there somewhere!).
San Francisco MTA: Kurt and I went to San Francisco with my family for Christmas last year, and Kurt went on his first trolley/street car ride! It was so much fun, and I’m glad we kept something to remind us of that experience.
Other ones that didn’t make it into the picture in time are: Disneyland, General Conference, & Belmont Park (to name a few).
Monogram Door Hanger
My next craft was a door hanger for our front door.  Dark brown front doors in an apartment complex can only be so exciting, so I wanted something that was a little more…us.  And here is what I came up with!
1. I bought a 13″ wood “W” at Michaels.  They had them at Hobby Lobby too, but Michael’s had one that was already painted white.  I knew I wanted the main color to be white, so it saved me from having to do an extra step.
2. LOVE Martha Stewart Crafts TM/MC Products, and her Gold paint was no exception. (from Michaels)
3. Martha Stewart Crafts TM/MC has done it again.  Their adhesive stencil pack was perfect.  I used the one on the left, but it included many other designs in the same pack. (from Michaels)
4. Love me some Chevron.  And on burlap, no less! I spent probably 15 minutes trying to pick out the perfect ribbon, and this one was definitely my favorite! (from Hobby Lobby)
I had so much fun making the ticket box and the monogram door hanger.  Anything that will make our cozy apartment feel more like a home, I’m all for it.  It took me over a year, but our apartment is finally getting a little more personality! I’m trying to figure out what my next craft is going to be, so if you have any suggestions send them my way!

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