School’s Out { But Not Just } For Summer!

So I haven’t posted anything to tell all of you wonderful souls out there about how fantastic our summer was! We were so busy, that it’s taken me until now to sit down and finally write about it.  We had an incredible, life-changing summer this year.

After the 4th of July (which you can read about how fantastic ours was, here), Kurt and I really had to buckle down and get a lot of work done.  But to us, working hard means you get to play hard afterwards, so we’ve had a really fun summer!



The Work of the month consisted of Kurt working 9-10 hour days and me studying for and taking Boards.  On the plus side, Kurt loves his new job & loves learning new things everyday and I officially finished with all of my written Board Exams!  During the month, I took the National Board Dental Hygiene Examination and WREB Process of Care Examination.  Just before July ended, I found out that I passed both exams! I had officially completed and passed all of my dental hygiene written board examinations. I still had 2 more examinations left to take at the end of August, so I took some time to enjoy my test-free life 🙂

The Fun of the month was spending time with friends and family.  We went to Food Truck Roundup in Provo {once} and Orem {twice}, had BBQs with Kurt’s siblings, went on a double date with our friends Mike & Alexa, and so much more! We are so grateful for the fun and memories we’ve had and created this past month with friends & family.  We feel so unbelievably blessed. {Just ignore the fact that I was chambray obsessed this month haha}

Sydney, Ben, Kurt & me at Provo Food Truck Roundup.
We can’t get enough of Art City Donuts!
I wanted a picture with the Waffle Love Truck, but right when Kurt took the picture
they called my name saying my waffle was ready, and that was obviously more important
than posing for a picture.
I learned how to drive stick! I’m not very good at it {I’m actually quite terrible}, but it was fun learning how.  Kurt is a great teacher 🙂
Ashley, Me, Jannica & Erin.
These beautiful ladies were there for me
through thick & thin, through ever quiz, test, and board exam,
They were there for everything, and I feel so blessed to have them
as my best and closest friends.
Class of 2014 Graduation Party
Provo Library
The 3 Musketeers are all officially college grads!
Payton & Christine, Kurt & me, Mom & Dad; I’m so glad that my family could make it.
Unfortunately, Elise wasn’t there to join us.

We spent Pioneer Day with the Blickenstaff family. We had a BBQ, made ice cream in ziploc bags, and lit fireworks and sparklers.  We love spending time with people we love, and Pioneer Day was no excepiton.

July Favorites
Restaurant: Thai Village
Summer Activity: Seven Peaks
Summer Night Treat: Otter Pops
Store: Hobby Lobby {I went on a crafting-spree this month}
Date Night: Monopoly with Mike & Alexa
TV Show: The Bachelorette, Naked & Afraid, The Vampire Diaries {that one is mine, not Kurt’s haha}


August was honestly one of the hardest, but best month’s of my life.  Kurt still worked 9-10 hours a day, and I spent all of my time getting ready for finals, graduation, and taking my last 2 board exams. But we still found time to have fun!
Kurt’s parents came to Utah for our nephew’s baby blessing.  During that time, we went to the Ogden Utah Temple Open House, {attended the baby blessing, of course}, and spent a lot of time with family.


Soon after Kurt’s parent’s went back home, my parents and Christine & Payton came to Utah.  Apparently they had a daughter graduating and wanted to be there…{that’s me!}
I hadn’t seen my parents or my sister since her wedding, so it was great being together again.

I couldn’t believe I was graduating from college.  The last week of school kind of felt like any other week. We didn’t really say goobye to anyone we because we were seeing each other at the end of the week for our graduation ceremony.  I turned in my books, said “goodbye” to my friends, and that was it.
I’m so glad I was able to have such wonderful friends at school.
After graduation day, we went to Midway to have a little outdoor adventure.  We had a blast! My parents definitely know how to help us all have a good time.


Finally…my last 2 board exams finally approached.  I was so nervous! These last two exams would determine whether I would get my license. I had already passed the written exams and it was now time to prove myself to the dental hygiene world that I was ready and qualified to be a Registered Dental Hygienist {okay, maybe not the whole world…but it felt like it!}.  One exam was giving 2 injections {yes, on a real person} and I passed!  I found out I passed about 20 minutes after my exam because I needed evidence of passing this exam so I could give my dental hygiene clinical board patient injections.  Two days later, I took my dental hygiene clinical exam.  My last board exam. The final test that would determine EVERYTHING.  After a long day, cleaning my patient’s mouth for 2 hours, and 4 days later…I found out I PASSED! It was a huge relief. I cried. I totally cried big fat tears of joy because I felt so unbelievably blessed in that moment.  It was when I read my results that I knew I did my best and I did everything I knew how to become a dental hygienist and follow my passions.  I couldn’t have passed without the support of my loving husband & family, along with the support and love from my Heavenly Father. Every one of my prayers was answered when it came to my board exams.

This means…I’M A REGISTERED DENTAL HYGIENIST! Can you believe it?! Because I hardly can. I am so excited for the opportunities that will be coming my way. Watch out world {or just Utah}!

Now it’s September, which means…BIRTHDAY MONTH! Kurt has already spoiled me like crazy, but I’ll tell you guys all about it once the month is over.

August Favorites
Restaurant: Tucanos (we went twice this month: once for graduation and once later on when we had a grand time joining Meghan and many other Santa Barbara friends. Thanks so much for inviting us!)
Food: Pierogi & Kielbasa – I made Polish food for the first time for my Relief Society Cultural Night. It took me forever! But I tried my best to do it just like my mom and Babci {Grandma} would do it. Kurt loved it! Looks like I’ll be making this more often.
Date Night: Art City Donut outting {I can’t get enough of them}
TV Show: Bachelor in Paradise, Naked and Afraid, FOOTBALL, and Revenge {on Netflix}
Movie: Million Dollar Arm
Homemade Dessert: Golden Graham S’more Bars
Witt Family Event: My graduation
{as you can see, many of our favorite things have to do with food. Kurt and I are food junkies.  If you know of any good places to try, let us know! We are always wanting and willing to try new things}

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