13 & 14 Weeks

I’m finally getting caught up on these updates!

I’ve loved decorating this board every week. It’s been fun to see & read about how our little baby is growing & developing {and it’s been fun showing/telling people how Peanut is doing}


Size: Peach {2.9″ long}

Gender: We keep guessing, and I can never stick to my guess. I’m always changing my mind.  Surprisingly, Kurt and I are getting less anxious about it, and are just excited for our baby in general.  We aren’t in any rush to find out {but I’m sure I’ll change my mind over the next couple of weeks and be dying to find out!}

Cravings: Meat – because I was home for Thanksgiving, it was very nice that all food was available to me {thank you Mom & Dad!!!}.  I ate prime rib {twice}, hamburgers, a lot of beef, shrimp, etc.  It was really nice to get some protein in me.  I feel like Peanut and I definitely were taken care of.

Aversions: Leftovers, Salsa, Guacamole {Mexican food in general}.

Symptoms: I’ve been pretty under the weather lately with how I’m feeling.  Some days are good, and other days seem like I will never be able to get out of bed.  I’m getting sick less, but still getting sick.  My skin is itchy, which tells me that I need to drink more water and lotion up a lot more.

Maternity Clothes: I caved and bought some.  I love new clothes in general and can’t wait to wear new clothes when I buy them.  I need to wait to put on maternity clothes though because most are still a little too big.  My normal clothes are still fitting me now.

Wedding Ring On or Off?: On!

Best Moment of the Week: Telling my parents and my sisters! I was so excited to tell everyone and it took every part of me not to tell them before I saw them in person.  Every phone/Skype/FaceTime call was so hard because I was keeping the biggest secret ever!  I told my family by wrapping up two picture books – “How to Babysit a Grandma” & “How to Babysit a Grandpa”.  They’re the cutest little picture books you’ll ever read.  My mom has lots of picture books at home, so I thought these would fit right in.  My older sister was on Skype with my Aunt & Uncle in Virginia, and I had my parents open up their presents in front of them and with my sister Christine and her husband, Payton, there as well.  Overall, I think it was such a special moment for Kurt and I to tell my family and it was a success!

Worst Moment of the Week: The drive to Santa Barbara and the drive back.  We have learned that long drives and pregnant women just don’t go together.  It’s hard sitting down for so long, and I ended up throwing up anything I ate because I wasn’t able to digest food well just sitting in a car for hours {sorry…TMI}.

Looking Forward To: No morning sickness.  Everyone keeps telling me that it will get easier and things will get better. I’m hoping so!

Sleep: I wasn’t grateful enough for how well I was able to sleep because I no longer sleep through the night.  I’m alwasy too hot, or too cold, or my pillow isn’t in the right spot, etc.  Plus I’ve been getting really bad lower back pain.  I’ve heard that it probably won’t go away but oh well.  I’ll take whatever I can get as long as my cute little Peanut is doing alright.


Size: Lemon {3.4″ long}

Gender: Like I said at 13 weeks, I keep changing my mind.  I think we both want a boy, but I would totally be happy with a girl! As of right now I’m thinking it’s a girl, but I change my mind so much.

Baby Names?: Kurt and I have been talking about baby names a lot.  Whatever ones we like, I write down.  We have decided to keep our favorites {and ultimately, the baby’s name} a secret from everyone.  Whenever we decide on a name, we’ll probably be the only two who know until Peanut arrives.  Now that I’m pregnant, I’ve come to realize that naming a baby is a very personal experience.  As of right now I don’t care about baby name trends, who named their baby what, who else has named their little one the same name, etc.  I personally don’t want to repeat too many family names, but I’m all for naming your little baby whatever you would like.  There are 3 Christine’s on my dad’s side of the family and 3 Alexis’s on my mom’s side of the family – I don’t see a problem with that.

Cravings: Pierogi – it’s a Polish food that’s best described as potato dumplings.  It’s dough stuffed with a cheesy potato mix that is then boiled and fried.  They are soooo good.  We’ve had a lot of those this week.  Of course you can’t have pierogi without kielbasa!  Also, boiled eggs. I’ve been loving those this week, especially because I’ve had to snack so much.

Aversions: Leftovers & Mexican food.  I’m kind of tired of writing the same things every week, but I’m glad that I’m not having aversions to more food.

Symptoms: Dry skin.  My hands are always dry, which might come from my obsession with washing my hands and using and handsanitizer or might be because I’m not drinking enough water. 

Maternity Clothes: The maternity clothes I bought arrived and I like most of what I got.  I’m returning some – it’s so frustrating when you buy something and it looks different in the picture on the website than it does when you receive it and see it in person. ugh. But, I’m not wearing any yet, still just belly bands for my jeans and since I normally wear looser clothing, my normal shirts are fitting just fine.

Wedding Ring On or Off?: On – my fingers are swelling less, so they are a lot more comfortable to wear.  My wedding band has been at the jewelers for 2 weeks now and I can’t wait to get it back!

Best Moment of the Week: Applying and getting accepted to have insurance starting January 1, 2015.  We are so excited that we’ll be able to have Peanut with insurance and my doctor appointments will no longer have to be paid out of pocket.

Worst Moment of the Week: We learned my pregnancy may be a little more complicated than we anticipated.  The fact that we will have insurance once I start seeing a specialist is a huge plus! We don’t exaclty know too many details but for now Peanut and I are doing very well and we are praying for a safe pregnancy.

Looking Forward To: Watching this bump get bigger.  I know it’s not ideal for a woman to want to watch herself grow, but I get so excited taking my “bump update” picture every week because I love seeing that our little baby is growing.

Nausea/Sickness: I am feeling so much better! I still feel queasy at night but I’m feeling a lot better during the day.  Since I still have a super sense of smell it’s hard for me to go grocery shopping and cook. Other than that, I’m starting to get better at having a more normal routine and leave the house more often.

Sleep: Getting worse! I’m getting some bad back pains that wake me up in the middle of the night and I wake up once or twice during the night now. Nothing I can’t handle though.  Plus, it’s getting really dry so I wake up with a dry throat, chapped lips, and in the need of a giant bottle of water.  I have a humidifier; I just need to be better at using it.

* A very kind woman let me know that I look much farther along than 14 weeks {um…thank you??}.  No matter how far along I look or how big or small I am compared to other pregnant women, I’m just happy to be pregnant and I love the fact that I have a little companion with me wherever I go.

Overall, my pregnancy has been a lot harder than I thought it would be, but at the same time I have it so easy.  I could complain about how hard everything is and how sick I am and my annoying back pain at night {and don’t get me wrong…I know I do}, but it could be a lot worse.  I’m so blessed to have a body that’s been able to handle this pregnancy well.  It’s such a divine thing, becoming a mother. It’s only been 14 weeks, but I fall more in love every day.  We are excited to see what adventures Peanut is going to bring our way.  No matter what comes our way, we will be grateful for it.


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