15 Weeks


Size: Apple {4.0″ long}

Gender: I went a while this week thinking it was a boy, but I keep switching back to girl. I don’t want to say it’s “mother’s intuition” because I really have no idea.  Maybe twins?? My dream is to have twins- one a boy & one a girl…you never know!

Kurt and I would like to find out, tell our family, and then swear everyone to secrecy.  I would like to know the gender so I can mentally/emotionally/spiritually/physically prepare myself & I want to keep it a secret from everyone one else for a time {that sounds weird, but Kurt and I have really enjoyed a lot of the privacy we’ve had during my pregnancy so far}. I have no idea whether I can keep something like this a secret though! I can hardly keep birthday presents a surprise for people…

Baby Names?: Still thinking about some…Kurt and I have different “tastes” in names, but have still found ones we both like.  I ran a couple by my twin sister and best friend and got their stamp of approval on a couple names {it’ll be so hard to keep the baby’s name from them when we finally pick one…!} .

Cravings: Fruit snacks! I went to Walmart for the first time in forever {* burst out into Frozen soundtrack here *}, and I went straight for the fruit snacks.  I have 2-4 packs of fruit snacks a day.  Don’t worry though – I bought the ones with the highest real fruit content and the least amount of sugar.

Aversions: Still leftovers…and still Mexican food.  Also – Walmart.  I haven’t been mentioning that because it’s not a food, but I hate going to Walmart.  It smells so gross all the time that I can’t go grocery shopping without getting a headache and dry heaving.

Symptoms: My skin is so dry – probably a combination of pregnancy and the weather.  I drink a lot of water to try to help with it.  My back pain has increased and it’s pretty difficult for me to sleep at night.  I am no longer sick! I don’t throw up anymore, but sometimes I’m still nauseous.

Maternity Clothes: I wore a maternity shirt for the first time this week.  They are still a little big, but much more comfortable.  I feel quite “big” for being 15 weeks, so the maternity shirts make me feel better about that.

Wedding Ring On or Off?: On 🙂

Best Moment of the Week: Kurt and I went to our Ward Christmas Party and Kurt’s work Christmas party.  It’s been really nice eating quality food without having to prepare any of it.

Worst Moment of the Week: It’s not one specific moment, but it’s been difficult not having a super consistent work schedule right now.  I still haven’t found a dental hygiene job that is more than 1 day a week.  Oh well…something will come 🙂

Looking Forward To: My doctor’s appointment on Monday! I always get really nervous for my appointments, so hopefully we can go in on Monday and have my nerves calmed, hear Peanut’s heart beat, find out how to make my pregnancy as stress-less as possible, and then go from there.

*I had my 15 week appointment today {I’m technically 15 weeks and 2 days} Since I’m a little behind on this I’ll just write a quick summary of how my appointment went: Everything is great! The baby is healthy & I’m healthy. I still need to see a specialist, but my doctor said not to worry and that as long as I’m monitored well through my pregnancy, he doesn’t see why we shouldn’t have a healthy, lively baby at the end of all of this!

*By the way, I love my doctor! He is so kind, very funny, and has really helped me worry less and enjoy this stage of life that I’m in. He’s made every appointment a positive experience and I’m so glad Google led me to him.  {Yeah…I didn’t like my last OBGYN and I didn’t know where to go.  Good thing Google has my back!}

Nausea/Sickness: Nausea is really starting to go in and out, which is better than always feeling crummy.  I’m still feeling more sick at night than I do during the day.

Sleep: Sleep and I have developed a love/hate relationship.  I’m always really tired starting around 9:30.  I’m usually in bed by 10:30 but I still wake up in the middle of the night with back pain.  I’m lucky to not wake up all the time because I need to visit the lou, but I’d rather not be waking up with back pain. Oh well, I just need to count my blessings.

Kurt and I are enjoying the journey we are on to becoming parents! We do our best to keep everyone in the loop with things & have appreciated all the love and support we have received from so many people. We love you all!



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