23 & 24 Weeks



Size: a Bunch of Grapes {about 12 inches long} I feel like this is somewhat inaccurate, but we’ll go with it.

Gender: We are still keeping it a secret, but the word will get out soon, I promise.

Baby Names?: We have one picked out and I fall more and more in love with it as the weeks go on.  I’m so excited to name our little baby.

Cravings: Sandwiches and ice cream.  My favorite sandwiches have been Ham & Pepperjack cheese, lettuce and spicy brown mustard on a roll.  And after that I move onto Mint Chip and Snickers ice creams.

Aversions: I’m still not a fan of Salsa or cooking chicken at home right now.  If we go out to eat, I try to order chicken so I can get some protein without having to cook it myself.

Symptoms: Back aches come and go, especially if I’m working a lot that week.  I eat about every 2 hours and that prevents any nausea.

Movement: LOTS. Peanut will not stop moving! It is such a comforting feeling to know that our baby is nice and active.  Movement doesn’t keep me from falling asleep at night, but once I wake up in the morning Peanut won’t stop moving.  I also feel a lot of movement if I’m really hungry, and once I eat Peanut will calm down and just roll around rather than kick.

Nausea/Sickness: None! Which has been absolutely wonderful.  I’ve been a lot more active in my daily routine so that has contributed a lot to me feeling like my normal self.

Sleep: I’ve been able to sleep through the night every night.  Occasionally I will wake up around 4:00am but those are the times when we go to bed early (around 9:30pm).

Maternity Clothes: Oh yes.  I went and bought scrubs that will fit better and I’m still in the process of trying to find jeans that I like.  I’m pretty picky when it comes to fit.

Wedding Ring On or Off?: On, but barely!

Best Moment of the Week: We are so unbelievably blessed to have such wonderful lives.  I worked for 4 days this week, went to 2 of Kurt’s basketball games, cleaned the apartment and felt really productive.

Worst Moment of the Week: Kurt and I both caught colds this week, which is never fun.  Colds have really been dragging me down lately, and all I can take is Tylenol, so I’ve been trying to drink a lot of water, get enough rest, eat well and take better care of myself.

Looking Forward To: Our Doctors appointment coming up!  Kurt and I have had a really positive experience with my doctor and he has been so good to Kurt, Peanut, & me.  I’m excited to hear Peanut’s heartbeat and to confirm that both of us are healthy.



Size: Cantaloupe {around 12″ long} – it’s pretty impossible to track this and we are pretty sure Peanut is ahead of the curve because Kurt and I contributed our tall genes.

Gender: Still a surprise, but I’m working on how I plan on revealing the gender.  I haven’t come up with anything or seen anything I really like yet, so if you have any ideas, please share!

Baby Names?: I call Peanut by name sometimes and it makes everything so much more real.  We are pretty set on the name we chose.

Cravings: Sushi! I’ve been in the huge mood for sushi and so I cave to the crave and eat some.  It’s actually been really good for me because I’m not a fan of chicken right now and I still need to get some protein in me.

Aversions: Chicken & Salsa.

Symptoms: Swelling has come, and it’s been a pain.  My feet and hands are really swollen in the morning.  Once I start walking around and moving my hands it tends to go away.  I put lotion on every morning to help with dry skin and to get my blood flowing a little bit.  I think that’s really helped with the swelling.

Movement: I feel like just the word “Movement” is a complete understatement for Peanut.  I’m feeling flips, turns, punches…you name it.  Fortunately, it doesn’t bother me too much.  I feel bad sometimes because occasionally I’ll look down at my bump and say, “Please, just stop for like, 10 minutes!” Overall, I’m grateful for a baby that is healthy enough to kick and roll.

Nausea/Sickness: Kurt and I got colds…again! I’m tired of getting colds. Kurt has it worse than I do; his have been pretty bad.

Sleep: In general I’ve been sleeping well, except for the nights when Kurt and I have been sick.  When both of us are sick, we wake each other up with our rolling around and getting up to get water or using the restroom or just trying to get comfortable at 4:00 in the morning. It’s no fun for either of us.

Maternity Clothes: Guys…I bought jeans! After work this week, I went on a 2 hour shopping trip just to find a good pair of maternity jeans.  Lo and Behold, I am now and owner of maternity jeans.  I wish all jeans were this comfortable.  Peanut is a bit fan of my jeans too because there isn’t a button in the way.

Wedding Ring On or Off?: I could hardly get my ring off this morning because I fell asleep with my ring on.  It hurt to take it off, so I just have to remember not to wear it to bed.

Best Moment of the Week: There isn’t just one! Good & uneventful visits to the doctor are always great.  It’s really cool going together because my doctor always makes Kurt find Peanut’s heartbeat.  It’s getting a lot easier because Peanut is getting bigger {and I’m sure Kurt is getting better at it too!}.  It’s also Valentine’s Day today and Kurt and I have spent the last 2 days celebrating.  We went out to dinner last night, I made breakfast this morning, and then we went out to lunch this afternoon. Crazy to think that our family of 2 is going to be a family of 3 by this time next year {only 16 weeks to go!!!}

Worst Moment of the Week: Getting sick.  Seriously, it ruins everything.

Looking Forward To: Going to Portland next week!  Unfortunately, Kurt will not be going with me.  But I’m so excited to see my family!  My family hasn’t all been together since my twin sister’s wedding last May and even though Kurt won’t be there, it will be so much fun to catch up with everyone!

Kurt and I aren’t too into celebrating Valentine’s Day.  We celebrate it, but don’t focus too much on doing grand gestures because we feel like it’s so important for us to love each other and express our love everyday of the year, not just today.  I’m forever grateful for my eternal Valentine.


Kurt said to me today, “I’d rather buy you food than flowers.  Flowers die and then they’re useless.  Food makes Peanut happy. When Peanut is happy, you’re happy & when you’re happy, you’re a lot prettier than when you’re not happy.” Don’t I have the cutest Love?!  He makes me laugh and he makes me happier than I ever thought possible.  Kurt and I met almost 4 years ago and looking back to that time, I had no idea that this “older guy who just graduated from BYU” would change my life.  He has helped me become the best I can be and has prepared me to become a mother.  I’m so blessed to him in my life, and we can’t wait to add another little Love to our family in about 16 weeks!




  1. Super cute! Excited to know what you're having! Knowing what the gender is really makes it so much more real and fun to plan for! And Taylor and I totally did the same thing when we were trying to pick out Tucker's name- and then it stuck!


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