29 & 30 Weeks



Size: Cabbage! I forgot to add the estimated length and weight to the board.


We are so excited to announce that we are having a BOY! We loved hearing and reading what everyone’s guesses were.  Even though we found out about 9 weeks ago, I still can’t believe we are having a boy sometimes! I’ll be honest, I was totally prepared to have a girl and when I found out Peanut is a boy I was so nervous because I didn’t grow up with boys.  Fortunately, everyone has given me wonderful advice so far about having a son so I’m getting more excited as time goes by.
We announced the gender at my baby shower in Santa Barbara, California by having different people read parts of a poem that Kurt and I wrote.  Here it is!
They had a secret
They were so surprised
Kurt and Alexis were having a baby!
They couldn’t believe their eyes.
Alexis laughed ’til she cried
She and Kurt jumped for joy
Alexis thought it was a girl,
Kurt thought it was a boy.
She was nauseous and sick,
Hated Mexican food and chicken
And unfortunately for Kurt,
She hated being in the kitchen.
They told fmaily and friends
That a baby was on the way
Some people squealed with excitement
Some didn’t know what to say!
They were so excited
They were happy as can be
They couldn’t believe they’re family of 2
Would soon be a fmaily of 3!
Will baby be a boy like Dad?
Tall, smart, and fun
Will he want to play basketball
Or will he want to race and run?
Will baby be a girl like Mom?
Happy, kind, and sweet
Will she want to sing songs
Or play soccer and kick with her feet?
(My mom read this last one, and of course we both teared up like crazy)
Now I know you are wondering
Will baby wear pink or blue?
Well…on June 6th
A baby BOY is due!

Baby Names?: We’ve shared the name with a few people {family members} and are SO happy people are loving our name choice.  We still want to make sure it’s the perfect name for our little boy, so we haven’t made it public yet.

Cravings: No cravings really.  I feel like I might be growing out of cravings a bit.  

Aversions: Tacos & Salsa.  I decided to be brave and have homemade tacos and salsa and the end result was not good {refer to Worst Moment of the Week section}.

Symptoms: Dehydration, swollen hands and feet, back aches, hip pain.  Sounds glorious, doesn’t it?  I’ve been experiencing this awful pain in my lower back/hip area.  Whenever it happens, I always feel pain on the left side and it’s so painful to walk that Kurt has to help me get around.  I’ve felt like such an old lady this week!

Movement: I don’t want to sound ungrateful, because I am so blessed to have a healthy, mobile, active baby…but sometimes I just can’t handle how much he moves! {By the way, it’s SO weird typing the word “he”}  He has started to make it really difficult to fall asleep at night.  But I would rather him be crazy active than not.

Nausea/Sickness: Definitely experienced that this week. Refer to Worst Moment of the Week section.

Sleep: Sleep has been difficult with the amount of movement I feel.  Not only that, but this has been the first week where I have consistently had to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.  I obviously don’t want to drink less water, so I’m just going to have to accept that my body is running out of room for everything that’s going on.  The part that I really don’t like is that I always wake up between 3:00-5:00am.  Not my most favorite time of the morning.

Maternity Clothes: Of course! I don’t think I really fit comfortably into any pre-pregnancy clothes.  There are a couple shirts that still “fit”, and by “fit” I mean I can still put them on but they are really short!  Thank goodness for long tanks and belly bands, right?

Wedding Ring On or Off?:  Mostly off due to me forgetting to wear it.  I made sure I didn’t wear it when we flew to California and drove back to Utah.  I really didn’t want to risk my hands swelling and not being able to take my ring off.

Best Moment of the Week:
  Our trip to Santa Barbara, California! We had the most incredible time there.  We arrived on Thursday afternoon & I was spoiled and family friends threw me & Peanut a baby shower that night.  I have never felt so loved and cared for!  Thank you to everyone who came & sent love our way.  We feel so blessed to know such incredible people who are so excited for us to be growing our family.

Worst Moment of the Week:  I had the unfortunate experience of needing to go to the ER at the beginning of the week.  After making tacos and being brave and trying salsa for the first time since I’ve been pregnant {bad Bad BAD idea}, I woke up at 5:00am and ran straight to the bathroom and threw up.  I threw up more between 5:00am-12:00pm and I couldn’t even keep water down.  That’s when I knew something wasn’t right and that I needed some help because the most important thing for me to do was hydrate myself and I couldn’t even do that.  So…a drive to the ER, a visit to Labor & Delivery and getting monitored for an hour and a half, getting wheeled back to the ER, draining an IV saline bag in 45 minutes, and a trip to the pharmacy later, I was back at home somewhat less dehydrated.  I took work off for the next 2 days because I still wasn’t feeling well and I wanted to make sure I was 100% healthy when Kurt and I had to fly to California.  My visit to the hospital was not my most favorite visit for several reasons- (1) When I was in Labor and Delivery, they hooked me up to a bunch of monitors and left me in the room all by myself for 45 minutes.  Then they came back and realized the monitors were picking up my heartbeat along with Peanut’s heartbeat, so I sat there for another 45 minutes by myself starting the process over. I don’t need to me waited on hand and foot, but I would’ve appreciated them checking in every 15 minutes or so.  Plus, I was having contractions and I couldn’t help but groan and complain whenever contractions came and I was in a room all by myself during this time and I had no idea whether what I was feeling was normal. (2) I told the staff at the ER when we arrived all my symptoms, then I got wheeled to Labor & Delivery where they asked about all my symptoms, then I was wheeled back to the ER and asked ALL the same questions I was asked when I was in Labor & Delivery.  And it the span of 2-3 hours that this took, they still wouldn’t give me an IV because they wanted to make sure they did my lab work to confirm that it really was food poisoning.  And during all this time, I still couldn’t keep down water so I was dehydrated to the max. (3) The nurse who inserted the IV did an absolutely terrible job and it was so painful.  He kept saying, “Yeah these usually don’t hurt people.  You must be just really sensitive right now or your arm is weird.” Thank you sir for throwing me under the bus and blaming me for your poor skills.  They were all pretty shocked though when they came in 45 minutes later and I drained the GIANT saline bag they gave me.  You’d think I was dehydrated or something.  Aaaaaaaanyways, I left feeling a little bit better & while I was in Labor & Delivery I was able to pre-register so I wouldn’t have to worry about paperwork when I come in to deliver Peanut.  There were some positives that came out of this ER visit, I guess.

Looking Forward To: As much as I love being in Santa Barbara, I’m really excited for Kurt and I to go home and get everything organized for the baby.  We’ll build our crib, hang pictures, and make more progress towards making our apartment a perfect place to bring a baby home to.

Santa Barbara Baby Shower
I seriously had the most wonderful women throw me the most incredible baby shower! I didn’t announce the gender until the middle of the baby shower, so everything was Pink & Blue.  I wish I could’ve gotten pictures of everything.
We ate the most delicious quiches for dinner {along with the best rolls, fruit, and salad that I’ve ever tasted} and had Coconut Creme, Hot Fudge Sundae, & Cherry Almond cupcakes for dessert.


Size: Cucumber {16.6″ long, 3.5 lbs.}
So I’ve been paying more attention to the baby size stats all these apps are telling me, and for some reason I didn’t realize until now that the fruit or veggie isn’t always on point with the weight AND length- sometimes it’s just one or the other {Seriously though…a 3.5 lb cucumber? C’mon…}.  I’ve been wondering why these things seem so inaccurate a lot of the time, but now I know.

Gender: Boy boy Boy BOY! I am so exciting to be having a little bouncing baby boy.  It’s still hard for me to believe sometimes.  I don’t think the fact that Kurt and I are going to have a son {wow…that’s weird to say} until he actually arrives.

Baby Names?: I’ve tried to use the name more & more this week because in 10 weeks, we’ll be calling him by his name, not always Peanut.  

Cravings: No cravings, but when someone mentions something that sounds delicious, I feel like I need to have it.  That’s what happened this weekend when Kurt went to Cafe Zupas.  I made him bring me back some. He’s such a good husband.

Aversions: I don’t know whether I will ever eat salsa again.

Symptoms: I wore myself out this week so I’ve had a sore throat and I’ve been sneezing a lot.  Thanks to the short winter, my body is convinced it’s spring so my allergies have come full force.  I’ve also had a lot of swelling in my feet and some bad back pain from working 4 days this week.  Good thing I have the most incredible husband and he’ll rub my feet & back

Movement: I actually feel like there’s been less movement, but his kicks are a lot more powerful than they used to be.  It’s crazy because you can look and my stomach and see baby boy move.

Nausea/Sickness: Just the sore throat.  I’ve been trying to stay hydrated after our little ER visit last week, so I’ve been feeling less nauseous if I stay up late.

Sleep: It’s been difficult, but I’m still able to sleep alright.  I haven’t gotten a lot of sleep this week so I’ve been pretty cranky, but I’m always able to catch up on sleep during the weekends.

Maternity Clothes: Thanks to a few of my sister-in-laws, I haven’t really had to buy any more maternity clothes {Thank you!!}. 

Wedding Ring On or Off?: Sometimes on and sometimes off.

Best Moment of the Week:
  Celebrating Kurt’s birthday! It’s so fun to think that the next birthday our family of 3 will be celebrating is the birthday of our baby boy!  We went to Tucano’s with my dad earlier this week to celebrate Kurt turning the big 2-8.  I definitely am not one to pack it in anymore, but I can down Brazilian Lemonade like it’s going out of style.

Worst Moment of the Week: Honestly, it was not fun having to say goodbye to my Dad.  We really enjoyed having him at the beginning of the week.  Hopefully we will all see each other sooner rather than later.

Looking Forward To: This sounds so silly, but I get to clean Kurt’s teeth next week at work and I’m really excited! The main reason why I am excited is because it’s always fun for me to show him how far I’ve come since I graduated from school 7 months ago.

Kurt and I are feeling so blessed, it’s almost overwhelming.  Of course everything doesn’t always go as planned, but we have felt so grateful for the love, support, gifts, & acts of service we have received during these two weeks.
Plus, we can’t believe we are having a BOY! I’ve been really pondering and thinking during these past several weeks about having a boy.  I always wanted to have a boy first- and I got my wish! I am so nervous though! I didn’t grow up with boys so I feel so unprepared.  Everyone has been really nice though in their comments about raising boys- apparently boys are much easier than girls {?}.  If that is the case, I am grateful for the chance to “ease into motherhood” with a boy. All I know is that I am so excited for the adventure of having a son and being his mother.  The only thing I have ever wanted in life is to be a mom, and I can’t believe the thing I have wanted the most in the whole entire world will be happening in just 10 short weeks!



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