35 & 36 Weeks



Size: Canary Melon {18.8″ long, about 5.3 lbs.}

Gender: Baby Boy. I am still in shock that I’m having a boy.  I’m seriously still in shock that I’m going to have a baby!

Baby Names?: Still sticking with what we’ve come up with.  A few questions I’ve been asked about the name are- “Is it a family name?” {No, it’s not. Kurt picked it out and we both (eventually) really loved it} and “Is it a common name?” {I guess…? I bet everyone knows someone with this name.}

Cravings: None really, but strawberries have definitely been hitting the spot this week.

Aversions: Nothing besides salsa.  Sometimes things just don’t sound good in the moment, but it’s not like I can’t eat them.

Symptoms: Definitely some back pain, leg cramps, Braxton Hicks {not too often though}, acid reflux, and there are definitely more bathroom breaks that need to be taken.

Movement: Less, but still a lot.  He rolls around and stretches a bunch, but I don’t get any jabs or hard kicks in the ribs which has been nice.  Whenever I wake up in the morning and toss & turn before I get out of bed, he always kicks and rolls around too.  I like to think he’s saying, “Good morning!”

Nausea/Sickness: None!- which has been great because I really don’t want to feel sick.  I still get kind of light headed if I need water, but that’s a pretty easy fix since I literally carry a water bottle with me everywhere I go.

Sleep: It’s definitely gotten a lot harder to sleep through the night.  I haven’t slept through the night at all this week because I’m always getting up somewhere between 2:00-5:00 am to go to the bathroom. I’m quite confident Peanut sleeps on my bladder.

Maternity Clothes: Obvi. But hopefully not for too much longer!

Wedding Ring On or Off?: Officially off.  I put it on one day and after an hour my finger swelled so badly, Kurt thought we were going to have to go and get it cut off! With a lot of cooking spray, ice water, and wiggling, I was able to get it off.  I doubt I will be wearing it for the next month or two.

Best Moment of the Week: Kurt and I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary.  I can’t believe we’ve been married for 2 years already.  We each spent the day at work {not super fun, but obviously necessary} and went to the Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival.  We didn’t take any pictures because we really just wanted to enjoy the things around us and spend the time walking and talking.  My feet definitely didn’t like me the next day but it was so wonderful being able to spend the evening with the love of my life, reminding ourselves of how lucky we are to have done the things we’ve done over the last 2 years and how grateful we are for each other. I am so blessed to have such a sweet husband.

We also got to celebrate our sister-in-law’s birthday! I absolutely LOVE birthdays, so it was fun being able to have cake & socialize.  A few days later we went out to dinner to celebrate again.  I am a strong believer in having a Birthday Week, so of course I was up for celebrating again.  Happy Birthday, Faith!

Worst Moment of the Week: I don’t really have specific moments, but the swelling aspect of pregnancy has definitely hit full force this week, and it’s been hard to deal with.  I’m literally doing all that I can {with the help of getting foot and hand massages from Kurt} to reduce the swelling and everything seems to work, but only temporarily.  Oh well.  All of this will be worth it in 5 more weeks!

Looking Forward To: Weekly doctor visits start next week! The reason why I’m looking forward to them is because it means I’m coming to the last couple weeks of pregnancy…YAY! I can’t wait to meet our little baby, and the weeks go by a lot more quickly when I have appointments so often.  Plus, my OBGYN is seriously the best so that has really contributed to making pregnancy a positive experience.


Size: Papaya {19.2″ long, 5.8 lbs}

Gender: Boy- and I’m getting really antsy about meeting him!

Baby Names?: I’ve looked back at my pregnancy journal {thank you Elise for getting it for me because it has made documenting pregnancy so much easier!} and I’ve written down all the nick names we have for our little baby: Peanut, Little Baby, Baby Boy, {the occasional “Buster” from Kurt}, and then several that incorporate his name!
When it comes to the name, it took me a long time to get on board with it.  Kurt picked it out and it was one of the only names he really liked.  I had some that I was completely set on, but Kurt wasn’t so it made it really hard for me to keep liking them.  Eventually {and reluctantly} we decided on the name that Kurt picked and it took several weeks for it to grow on me.  We love the name we chose and are excited to name our little boy.

Cravings: No cravings this week, but Hi-Chews have been really popular in our household lately.  Kurt and I don’t complain when it comes to fruity & chewy candy. 

Aversions: Besides salsa? haha – not really.  Some things I’m just not in the mood for when Kurt is, but that’s fairly normal.

Symptoms: Swelling, heart burn, itchy skin, and some intense pregnancy waddling.  The swelling I’ve had for a while, so I’m just trying to deal with it.  The heart burn is really annoying and I have to sleep with Tums next to my bed because I’ll wake up at night with some serious heart burn.  My stomach has started to itch more, which is a sign that this baby is going to keep on growing and my body is going to need to keep up! Lotion is my best friend right now.

Movement: There seems to be less, but at the same time I just think it’s different movements than what he used to do.  He’s getting pretty crammed in there, so he rolls a lot and stretches when he can, but no hard or prominent movements that hurt too much.

Nausea/Sickness: None! Thank goodness.

Sleep: What is sleep? Haha I’m saying this now, but I know I will be even more sleep deprived in 4 weeks when this baby actually comes.  I’m always waking up to go to the bathroom or get a drink of water.  I am constantly too hot and wake up because of it.  I’m sure I’ll find something that works for me to help me be less tired, and as soon as that happens our baby will come and my schedule and routine will completely switch around again.

Maternity Clothes: YES

Wedding Ring On or Off?: Off, and I’m not even going to try to put it back on for a while.

Best Moment of the Week: I had the opportunity to go to an event this week with Crio Brü and I got to meet so many ladies who are business owners, bloggers, singers, and more.  I loved getting ready for something, not having to cook dinner, socializing, and getting to know so many wonderful people.  It was the perfect end to a long week and a fantastic start to the weekend.

We also got to babysit 2 of our nephews this weekend, which I always love.  It also made me a lot more excited to have a boy! I still feel completely clueless when it comes to boys because I’m a champ when it comes to playing with dolls, playing dress-up, playing house, etc.  I’m still working on getting to know the names of different trucks, cars, movie characters, etc.  Good thing Kurt and I still have a while before that phase comes!

Worst Moment of the Week: There really wasn’t one, which is awesome!

Looking Forward To: Getting everything ready for this baby’s arrival!  Peanut’s room is all set up, but we still have a bunch of gear that needs to be set up, drawers that need to be organized, and random purchases here and there to complete our registry and such.  I am getting more excited everyday!

I had a moment this week {well, I’ve had a couple of these moments throughout my 3rd trimester} where I just broke down crying because of all the uncertainty that will come with giving birth, having a baby, and taking care of a newborn.  Before these break downs occur, I usually start crying because I can’t handle the anticipation and I just want to meet our little boy so badly!!!  Then it turns into, “Oh my gosh we’re having a baby and I have no idea what I’m doing!”  I’ve been quite the emotional rollercoaster {sorry, Kurt}.

Things I’m Afraid Of / Make Me Nervous:
>> Post partum body
>> Lack of sleep
>> All the unknowns that come with having a baby
>> Being in pain
>> Not knowing how to take care of our baby
>> Judgement from other moms
>> Nursing

As worried as I am about a lot of these things, there are still a lot of things that I’m excited about and am looking forward to.
>> Growing my family
>> Watching my boy sleep
>> Kissing his little head
>> Morning cuddles
>> Baby giggles
>> Bonding moments
>> Family outings
>> Falling in love {again}

Being a mother is all I have ever wanted in life.  My dream is becoming a reality and I still can’t believe it most of the time.  I feel so unbelievably blessed to have married an incredible man & for us to have a family together.  I just can’t believe our little family will be growing at any point between now and {hopefully no more than} 4 weeks!  We love our baby now and can only imagine {for now} how much more we will love him when we meet him.



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