Chad Thomas Witt


On June 3, 2015, we welcomed a beautiful baby boy into our family.  Chad Thomas Witt was born at 7:03 pm. He weighed 8 lbs. 1 oz. and measured 21″ long.  He’s a big boy, but so tiny at the same time.

It took a lot of work to get our little baby into this world.  Here’s a little timeline of Chad’s birth story.

3:30 am- I woke up to my first contraction.  I had some pretty strong back pain, but I just rolled over to my other side to fall asleep.  Over the next hour I woke up to 2 more contractions, but figured I was just laying on my side funny and Chad was just getting uncomfortable.

4:30 am- I woke up to another contraction and decided to go and take a bath/shower.  I was in the shower for 45 minutes because the hot water felt so good against my back.  My back pain was almost gone, so I decided to get out of the shower so I could go back to bed.  While in the shower, I felt like my water broke but I ignored it because I couldn’t really tell.  I spent the next hour sitting on a medicine ball at the food of our bed because I couldn’t bring myself to get back into bed because my back kept hurting/I was having contractions.

5:30 am- Kurt woke up to go on a run, but I insisted that he stay home.  I wasn’t feeling very well and started to get a little nauseous whenever the back pain came.  I had to go to the bathroom again, and this time, I knew my water broke.  I walked out of the bathroom and told Kurt that I thought my water broke and I grabbed the list of things that I needed to get last minute before we left for the hospital.  I had packed my hospital bag 2 days prior and they were already sitting by the door {my preparation definitely paid off this time around!}

6:15 am- We arrived at the hospital.  I had pre-registered, so it made checking in a lot easier.  I kept having to stop as we walked to labor and delivery because by the time my water broke I had been having consistent contractions that were lasting 45 seconds and were 5 minutes apart.

6:45 am- The nurse checked and said I was dilated to a 2! I felt like that was real progress because I hadn’t been dilated or effaced at all when I went to my doctor visits over the last 3 weeks.

7:30 am- I was dilated to a 4.  That’s when the nurse told me that I was definitely staying in the hospital and we were going to have a baby that day!  My contractions hurt so badly that I started crying.  I felt a huge amount of pain in my back and hips every time a contraction came.  The nurse even told me that I had to stop being emotional {I wasn’t too happy with that comment, but whatever}.  Kurt sat right by my side and helped me breathe through all of my contractions.

8:00 am- I got my epidural, and OH MY GOSH did I feel better! I was back to my normal self.  A lot of people had told me that getting an epidural is really painful but I disagree 100%.  Some people compare it to a bee sting, but I’ve been stung by several bees and I feel like an epidural hurts way less than that.  The epidural was far less painful than any contraction I had that morning, so that could be why I think it doesn’t hurt to get one.

9:00 am- Dilated to a 5

10:30 am- Dilated to a 7

12:00 pm- Dilated to a 9

12:45 pm- Dilated to a 10! I was so excited, because 10 means I get to push! But they made me wait an hour with a peanut shaped birthing ball between my legs to see whether the baby could move down further on his own.

1:45-2:20pm- I pushed and pushed and pushed.  Not really. I only had 2 contractions within this amount of time,  I was given Pitocin to help speed up my contractions again and the nurses said they would come check me in an hour.

3:20-5:45pn- This time I really did push and push and push.  My contractions were consistent now, but the baby made no progress from where he was when I stopped pushing at 2:20.  During this time the nurses called the doctor so we could discuss the options/ways this delivery experience could go.  The first option was to alternate between resting and pushing.  The second option was to get the on-call doctor who had experience with using forceps and use forceps to help the baby come.  The third option was using a vacuum/suction extractor to help pull him out as I pushed.  The fourth and last option was to have a C-Section.  I have nothing against C-Sections, but that was definitely the last option in my mind.  The doctors, Kurt, and I came to the decision that we would use the vacuum/suction because there were less risks involved.  During this time, the doctors also tried to reposition the baby and turn his body and head.  It was also at this time that the doctors discovered that my pelvis was tilted and the baby was getting stuck.  His head was very swollen, so the doctors knew that we needed to deliver sooner rather than later.

5:45-6:30 pm- The doctors insisted that I rest.  I had already been pushing for several hours and they wanted to make sure I was rested enough to push the best I could once they started using the suction.

6:30-7:03 pm- I pushed more and harder than I ever thought I could.  The vacuum/suction helped the baby get further and further along and the doctors told me to push one more time.  I gave it my best effort and then the doctors {yes, both were still there helping with the delivery} literally pulled him out and immediately handed him to a nurse.  Most of what happened after I delivered him was a blur.  I remember seeing Chad for the first time, and he was blue.  There was no crying so I immediately started to cry.  I got so scared.  One of the doctors started to explain to me that he had his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck 3 times and he wasn’t breathing so they were giving him some oxygen.  In that same moment a nurse came in with a crash cart and that’s when I kind of lost it.  Fortunately they didn’t need to use it because 5 minutes later, he was breathing just fine.  20 minutes later I was able to hold our beautiful baby boy.

Overall, it was an emotional, stressful, thrilling, beautiful experience.  Would I like to have had some aspects of my labor & delivery be different? Maybe. Was it all worth it? YES. 

>> Where did the name choice come from?: Chad was a name that Kurt picked out and really loved.  It took me a while to get on board with it.  Now that he’s been in our lives the last week, he is definitely a “Chad”.  Thomas is Kurt’s middle name, which was also his grandfather’s middle name.  It seemed to fit in quite well.

When he first arrived, we didn’t know who he looked like.  I automatically said he looked like Kurt because Chad looks pretty much nothing like me.  Although, almost everyone has said that he has my nose. I’m excited to see what he looks like as he gets older, but I’m hoping he doesn’t grow up too fast!

We’ve had him at home for a week, and time has flown by so quickly!  Within this week:

>> We went back to the hospital for a jaundice test- he passed!

>> Chad has gone through almost 100 diapers

>> Chad has discovered how much he LOVES his hands

>> I’ve taken more naps than I did during my pregnancy

>> We’ve loved more than we ever thought possible





Welcome to the world, Chad! We fall more and more in love with you everyday.

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Witt!


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