Adventure Awaits

One of the most fun things I did while preparing for Chad’s arrival was decorate his room.  I’m such a planner, so I thought of a theme before we found out the gender {if we had a girl, the theme would’ve been the same, but colors would be different}.  I saw so many different ideas on Pinterest, but this one caught my eye from the very beginning and I fell in love with the idea.




Our Little Corner. Finding a glider/rocker was one of the hardest things for me to accomplish. They can be so expensive, so I really didn’t want to invest so much money into a chair that wouldn’t be comfortable for Kurt {he’s quite tall}. This rocking recliner fit all of our criteria perfectly. (1) Glides, not rocks (2) Has a high enough back for both Kurt and me (3) Easy to clean (4) Comfortable enough to fall asleep in.


My big craft project for the room was definitely this one. I saw a lot of pictures on Pinterest of different ways to make them & I just combined my favorite parts from all the different pictures I looked at. Honestly, it probably doesn’t look like a lot of work, but when you’re pregnant and painting and hot glue-ing and cutting and tying string on the floor of your apartment…it gets tiring. These are by far my favorite part of the room.


My lamp & table. I found this clock at Hobby Lobby and I had to have it! Below is my basket of swaddling/receiving blankets. You know those aden + anais blankets? I feel like I need more than what we have, and we have 10! They’re the best. Unfortunately, Chad doesn’t like being swaddled {super inconvenient for us}, but they’re super light weight which is really great since it’s summer time.

I loved planning everything for Chad’s room.  My compulsive nesting definitely paid off because his room was ready long before he arrived.  Thanks to that, bringing Chad home was a lot less stressful because everything was ready for him.

I’m quite confident that I love his room more than he does!

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Witt!


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