What I Do Have



>> I don’t have thousands of Instagram followers & hundreds to thousands of likes on my pictures

>> I don’t have a Pinterest-worthy apartment, kitchen, bedspread, wall decor, etc.

>> I don’t have fancy clothes or a wall full of shoes.

>> I don’t have an expensive, dream nursery.

>> I don’t have all the money in the world to get said Pinterest-worthy apartment, fancy clothes, a wall full of shoes, or a dream nursery.

>> I don’t have the shiniest or most manageable hair.

>> I don’t have the most beautiful hands & incredible nails, or the talent or time to paint them.

>> I don’t own the best makeup, nor do I have the skill or time to apply it everyday.

>> I don’t have a full time job that makes money.

>> I don’t have the perfect body with a flat stomach and toned arms & legs.

I’m average. Just plain average Alexis. There isn’t much about me that stands out in a crowd or makes people want to be like me. I’m not popular or famous by any means and I am not everyone’s favorite person. And that is okay, because that isn’t what is important.

What I do have is better. 

>> I do use social media and I am not addicted to or dependent on it’s use.

>> I do have a place to live and it isn’t just an apartment, it’s a home for my family and a place of comfort and peace. 

>> I do have clothes and shoes that fit; they are modest & I can wear them and be confident that what I’m wearing shows that I respect myself and the Lord.

>> I do have half a bedroom that’s decorated just for my little baby, and I had a blast getting it ready for him. I do have a warm & safe place for my son to sleep at night.

>> I do budget, save money, and manage finances with my husband in order to make gradual progression when it comes to temporal belongings, and we invest in memories {not things}.

>> I do have a baby who doesn’t care what my hair looks or feels like, as long as he can put his fingers through it and try to eat it {and even though it hurts, it’s adorable}.

>> I do have hands that work hard to provide for the needs and wants of my family. Not only that, but my husband does too.

>> I do have a husband who kisses me on the cheek after work and says to me everyday, “Are you wearing make up? Because you don’t need it and I can’t even tell whether you are because you’re naturally beautiful.” {I hit the jackpot when it comes to Kurt}.

>> I do have a full time job being Chad’s mom, and I am so blessed that I get to be at home with him all day, everyday, watching him and helping him grow. It’s hard knowing I’m not making money, but I know that I am helping him in ways that are so much more important than money.

>> I do have a body that just grew a tiny human inside of it.  If that’s not miraculous and incredible, then I don’t know what is.

I commonly associate the word “average” with being & having things that everyone else has, so it doesn’t make the things I am or have very special, therefore, it’s average. But…just because it’s “average” or common, doesn’t make it any less extraordinary or special. I have a beautiful family.  I have a great education.  I have a positive relationship with God.  I have loving friends. I have all of my needs met, along with most of my wants.  Just because many other people have these things and more, doesn’t make them any less important or have less value to me; it doesn’t mean that have less value. My worth doesn’t depend on my number of Instagram followers, Facebook likes, my clothes and shoes, or the monetary value of the things I own. Being a mom is the most important, incredible, and rewarding thing I have ever done. I really want to raise Chad knowing that he shouldn’t depend on things or the opinions of others to define him. As long as I’m doing the best I can to see myself for who I really am (an educated & talented wife, mother, friend, and daughter of God), I know my opinion of my worth will always be positive.

I’m pretty great. And so are you 🙂

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Witt!


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