Sister, Sister

I always love when family comes to visit, but visits this month were extra special because my sisters met Baby Chad!

Elise took a break from work & school in San Diego for a quick trip to Utah to meet her nephew! We made the necessary food stop at Cafe Zupas on Saturday before we headed to Bridal Veil Falls. As we drove up Provo Canyon we made the quick decision to change our plans and we drove all the way to Park City for a day of shopping {believe it or not, but it was Kurt’s idea}. Shopping with my sisters was always fun growing up, so I’m glad we continue to do it now that we’re older. We all had a great time in Park City, except for Chad. He had a rough time being away from home for so long, but  good thing he has a super loving Aunt that was there to help him get through the day. Plus she bought him the most adorable little clothes!

The trip was too short, as Elise had to leave after being in Utah for less than 48 hours. But Chad LOVED having someone to hold him constantly. We love Aunt Elise!

Two weeks later, Christine & Payton made their way out from Portland for a wedding and some family time. Chad was exhausted by the time the weekend ended because we were out and about all day, everyday! We made food stops at Kneaders & Slab Pizza, walked around Provo Farmers Market, shopped, hiked the Y, watched an incredible fireworks show at Kiwanis Park for Pioneer Day, and spent a lot of time together as a family. Chad took super well to Aunt Christine & Uncle Payton! Both of them spent time wearing him in my SollyBaby and Ergobaby carriers {which are the best, by the way}, and he always fell asleep.

Again, the visit was too short. We were able to end our time together with dinner with Kurt’s siblings, uncle & aunt, and cousin and his family. We are so blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people who love doting on Chad.





Happy National Sister Day! I’m so lucky to have the ones I do 🙂

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