2 Months



Every week Kurt and I find ourselves wondering how our baby is growing so fast! It doesn’t seem like we had a baby 2 months ago; it feels so much shorter than that! We’ve done so many fun things during Month #2 as parents.

  • We celebrated July 4th with a family BBQ in Ogden and then Kurt and I went to Stadium of Fire in Provo, UT. WE LOVE JOURNEY, so when we heard they were coming to Utah we couldn’t pass up the opportunity. A sweet couple in our ward babysat Chad for us. Thanks to them, we had a worry free date night full of good music, fireworks, and quality time together. We did notice that we spent most of our time talking about Chad! haha
  • Both of my sisters and my brother-in-law came to visit and met Chad for the first time. You can read all about what we did with them here.
  • We’ve checked off several things on our Witt Family Bucket List: Park City, Provo Farmers Market, Hike the Y, Go to the temple, Bridal Veil Falls. We have until September 23rd to complete our list, because that is the last day of summer.  I’ll do a blog post about all the fun things on our list when summer is over {I’m excited!).
  • We’ve spent SO much time with friends, and we love it.  I love having all of our friends meet Chad. We’ve spent the past several Monday nights with other families that we go to church with, had dinners with family, and spent time reconnecting with old friends.


I was able to meet a few of the guys that were in Kurt’s accounting group while they were in the Junior Core at BYU about six years ago. The reason why we are cracking up in this picture is because a 4 year old is taking it haha. We loved seeing everyone before Ryan and his family move to Boston.

At 2 Months, Chad:

>> Takes a bottle like a champ

>> Eats about 4-5 oz every feeding

>> Frequently sleeps through the night, or only wakes up once {Yes, we realize how rare that is and how blessed we are}

>> Takes a lot of short naps during the day rather than a few longs ones

>> Is smiling a lot more

>> Is happiest in the morning after he eats

>> Sleeps better in smaller spaces {rock n play, car seat, carrier} than larger spaces {crib, on our bed}

>> Was forced into liking to be swaddled.  There was one night that we just could not get Chad to fall asleep! He was so tired but kept fighting it.  I finally decided to try swaddling him again and he was so tired that he just didn’t fight it and he fell asleep. We’ve swaddled him every night since then.

>> Has already been sick for the first time

>> Gets the hiccups a couple times a day

>> Likes wearing just his diaper

>> Has been left with babysitters twice this month: once so we could go to Stadium of Fire, and once so we could attend the temple together.

>> Wears size 2 diapers.

>> Stats:

  • Weight: 13 lbs. {65%}
  • Height: 24 1/4″ {93%}
  • Head: 59%

Chad’s Favorite Things

Warm baths • Splashing • Sitting facing forward on Daddy’s knee • Smiling • Being outside • Being swaddled (whaaaaat?) • His aunts & uncles • Kicking • Eating • Bouncing on the exercise ball • Making facial expressions • His Giraffe rattle • Being held

Chad’s Least Favorite Things

Dirty diapers • Cold bottles • Being left alone {I swear he can sense when someone is/isn’t in the room} • Gas • Diaper changes, especially when he’s hungry • His crib {getting better} • Hiccups • Tummy time

We love our blue eyed baby boy! He’s 9 weeks old today and it’s been the best 9 weeks of my life.  We celebrated today by going to the doctor and getting vaccines.  Chad’s not the happiest boy right now, but he’s still such an angel. I love being a stay at home mom more than I ever thought I would.




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