3 Months



I continue to be in complete disbelief that our baby boy is growing so quickly. Chad is such a happy & lovable little boy. We are such proud parents and we get so excited when Chad learns new things.

  • We’ve seen a lot of immediate family this past month: We helped Aunt Amy with setting up her classroom, we participated in celebrating Brett (nephew) and Rachel’s (niece) birthdays, and helped Jason & Faith pack up their apartment in preparation for them to move to Michigan. We love spending time with them.


  • We spent time with Uncle Bob and Aunt Jane; we loved hearing about their trip to Africa and Chad loved being with Aunt Jane.
  • We’ve seen Kurt’s cousin, Kevin, and his family a couple times and they love Chad and he loves them back.
  • We took the frontrunner up to Temple Square. We always knew that we wanted our children to have temple experiences at a young age; you are never to young to learn about the temple.
  • Chad and I have visited Kurt at work (Crio Brü) several times. We love watching how hard Kurt works. He is so dedicated to his job and we are so grateful for him


  • We went raspberry picking as a family one Saturday morning. It took all my willpower to not eat all the raspberries we picked as we picked them!

At 3 Months, Chad:

  • Can roll over tummy to back, but has only done it a few times
  • Developed a love for Winnie the Pooh. He loves the songs and will just stare at the TV when we watch the movie
  • Can hit the toys hanging on his bouncer
  • Babbles and grunts more
  • Grabs things unintentionally {he’s still figuring out his hands}
  • Sleeps through the night still
  • Is becoming a more consistent napper
  • Enjoys sitting in his Bumbo
  • Weighs over 14lbs.
  • Is getting ready to wear size 3 diapers
  • Will only fall asleep laying on someone’s chest if that someone is mom 🙂
  • Has nails that grow SO. FAST.
  • Wears size 3-6 month clothes

Chad’s Favorite Things

Bath time • Sitting Up • Blowing spit bubbles • Looking in the mirror • Being outside • Sticking his tongue out • Being held • Kicking • Sucking on his hands • Bouncing on the exercise ball • “Talking” back and forth with Mom • His Giraffe rattle • Sitting with Dad during breakfast time • “Winnie the Pooh” songs

Chad’s Least Favorite Things

Dirty diapers • Tummy time • Cold bottles • Other people sneezing • Not being able to roll over • Being awake in loud places • People trying to play with him when he’s tired • Hearing people yell • Having gas • Waking up hungry
We are madly in love with our growing Baby Chad!

Chad turned 3 months on September 3rd- so I’m really far behind on blogging about this. Even in the last 2 weeks, Chad has changed so much.   I better get started on his 4 month update if I’m going to post it on time 😉

Blog posts coming up will be all about our trip to Santa Barbara, my Birthday Week, and the Witt Family Bucket List that we completed this summer. Stay tuned!




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