Santa Barbara and Park City

One day, I said to Kurt, “We need a vacation, and I would like to go to Santa Barbara.” It was one of those days where I was up to my eyeballs in spit up, poopy diapers, and laundry and was in desperate need of washing my hair because I used all my dry shampoo. Kurt was overwhelmed with work and I felt like we needed to escape for a little bit. Kurt then said, “Okay, when do you want to go?” I didn’t answer him right away because my eyes were so wide and my jaw hit the floor because I was so shocked he {pretty much} said yes! Then came the ultimate question from Kurt- “Well, how long were you thinking?” Immediately I looked away because I so desperately wanted to go for a week, but we usually only go for a weekend. I sheepishly said, “How about a week? It can be my big birthday present…” Kurt’s response was the sound of angels singing. “Okay. Let’s do it!”

We had the most incredible time! We have constantly been saying that going on vacation was exactly what we needed. Although Kurt still worked while we were there (vacations no longer involve leaving the computer or phone behind, but that’s okay because I’ll take that over no vacation), we still found time to do such wonderful things. My ONLY regret is not getting a picture of us paddle boarding for the first time {and if that’s my only regret, then it was a pretty incredible trip}! Oh well…there’s always Christmas in SB 😉 (which is actually happening!). We loved spending time with friends & family and having so many people meet Chad.  During this trip we took Chad to the beach, went paddle boarding, roasted marshmallows, had meals with family & friends, and just enjoyed being together. It was just what we needed to rejuvinate and refresh ourselves.

When Kurt and I got married, we had to compromise on how we celebrated birthdays. I was looking forward to a whole month celebrating and, let’s be honest, Kurt was only looking forward to a nice dinner the evening of. Since we were on opposite ends of the spectrum we compromised with a birthday week. Birthday Week starts 7 days before your birthday, that way the last day is your actual birthday. We spent the first day of my Birthday Week in Santa Barbara. Chad & I went shopping with my Mom while Kurt & my dad went kayaking through the Santa Barbara Harbor. We went out to eat at La Super Rica with our friends and then went bowling.  It was a great way to end our vacation in Santa Barbara.  When we got back to Utah, we spent the week watching movies, taking family pictures, and spending time together as a family.  On my birthday, Kurt drove Chad and me up to Park City for the Autumn Aloft Festival.  We couldn’t stay for the whole weekend, but we spent Friday & Saturday there.  We went to a place called Sammy’s Bistro and we ate the most delicious nachos EVER.  We took Chad swimming for the first time {kind of…we didn’t have swim diapers so we just held him above water} and spent the evening watching movies.  The next morning we went and saw the hot air balloons take off.  I have this thing for hot air balloons.  I just think they are theee coolest.  We counted a total of 25 up in the air at once.  We loved it, even though I couldn’t feel my toes.  The best part was that Kurt’s brother, Ryan, and his family joined us! I love spending time with family, so it made the experience that much better.  Afterwards we had breakfast together and drove to Kamas to do a little adventuring with them.  Overall, it was the BEST birthday week & weekend.

IMG_4822I got to have lunch with my friend, Katie. We met in 3rd grade when we played on the same soccer team. I’m so glad we’ve stayed friends!



“Uncle” Brent & Chad. Brent is my neighbor in Santa Barbara and I remember the day his mom brought him home from the hospital. He’s always been like a little brother to my sisters and me. I’ve watched him grow up and now he’s in high school and I have a baby! Crazy how fast time flies.

Chad’s first “The Red Pepper” Experience


My boys absolutely spoil me, and I can’t wait to visit these places again!



  • Chad’s 4 month Update

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