4 Months



Chad is 4 months old! When Chad came into our lives, I loved him instantly.  The crazy thing is that I love him more now than I did then and I didn’t think that was even possible.  He has brought so much happiness & light into our lives.

At 4 months, Chad:

>> Eats SO. MUCH.

>> Laughed for the first time {my Dad was the first person to get him to laugh}

>> Discovered his feet & loves sucking on his toes

>> Hold his head up well

>> Smiles frequently (he’s such a flirt!)

>> Would rather sit or stand than lay on his back or tummy

>> Will react to his name

>> Will drink from any bottle and any type of formula (Hallelujah! Makes emergency feedings less traumatic for the both of us)

>> Is getting much better at grabbing things

>> Can roll over, but doesn’t ever want to

>> Went on his first roadtrip/vacation; he did so well and we loved being in Santa Barbara!

>> Stats:

  • Height: 26 in (82%)
  • Weight: 16 lbs. 3 oz. (64%)
  • Head: 48%
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
Chad with his Great-Grandma Witt
First time going to the beach


Chad’s Favorite Things

• Winnie the Pooh • His Giraffe stuffed animals • Being swaddled • Being outside • Looking at waterfalls • Warm baths • Biting his toes • Sucking on his hands • Having Dad pick him up in the mornings • Spending the morning playing on Mom & Dad’s bed • Sitting up • Kicking his legs • Watching people eat • His teething ring • Being in his Ergobaby facing outward

Chad’s Least Favorite Things

• Diaper changes • Cold bottles • Rain • Sunlight in his eyes • Hiccups • Being alone, especially in the dark • Tummy time • Loud noises {specifically sneezes, someone blowing their nose, or the sound of an elephant} • Laying down • Shots • Yelling • Strangers being too friendly {like sticking their head into the stroller or carseat to look at him- I don’t particularly like it either} •


Chad has made parenthood the best adventure!



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