Chad’s First Halloween








Version 2




This year was Chad’s first Halloween! Last Halloween I was 9 weeks pregnant {I hadn’t announced it yet} and I was already looking forward to dressing up our Little Peanut the next year.  This year’s celebrations did not disappoint.  Our first festive outing was to the pumpkin patch down the street from our apartment.  We bought our very first pumpkin as a family/married couple.  Kurt isn’t too fond of the pumpkin carving aspect of this incredible holiday, so I did it all myself this year {and I didn’t take a picture 😦 }  I carved Cinderella dancing with Prince Charming and her Carriage.  Sounds legit, huh? Well…it was 🙂

We had a church Halloween party and we took that opportunity to show off our costumes.  Last year, Kurt & I were Squints and Wendy Peffercorn from The Sandlot.  This year, we went with a basketball theme and I took it upon myself to represent our favorite team and player {you can’t see my shirt very well, but it’s a LeBron James jersey from his Miami Heat days}.  We had the cutestlittle basketball and Kurt was the best looking Ref I’ve ever seen.  We stuffed ourselves full of corn bread & chili, and then Kurt won the donut eating contest. I’m such a proud wifey! 😉

Halloween Day was spent at Cornbelly’s.  We did the GIANT corn maze, ate waffle corn dogs {never again…some food just should exist} & sweet corn on the cob, went on a Hay ride, and showed Chad pumpkins, costumes, and many things that are corn-related.

Hope you all had an incredible Halloween!


P.S. Chad is the worst at looking at the camera when I hold him! 😉

Our costumes last year!

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