A Santa Barbara Holiday

Our little family drove to Santa Barbara, California to spend the holidays with my parents, my sisters, and my brother-in-law.  I am so grateful that we went because we had a marvelous time! We went to some great restaurants {The Lucky Penny, Something’s Fishy, Los Agaves, The Kettle, The Cheesecake Factory}, ate fantastic home-cooked meals, and went to some super fun places {The Landshark (Santa Barbara), Santee Alley (sketchy part of Fashion District in LA), Manhattan Beach Pier (Manhattan Beach), Rodeo Drive (Beverly Hills)}.  We really wanted to show Chad and ourselves an adventure.  I’m pretty confident that we accomplished that.

I lived in Manhattan Beach for 6 years and Santa Barbara for 12 and I absolutely LOVE California.  I’m so glad I’ve been able to share these places with my husband and son and show them where I’m from.  I hope to be back in California soon!

This video doesn’t cover half of the incredible things we did while in California, but I loved documenting a little bit of some of my new favorite memories.


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