7 Months



We’ve officially started counting down the months towards Chad’s 1st birthday.  I feel really bittersweet about this because Chad isn’t my little baby anymore.  Many people have commented recently, “Wow…you have a big baby” and as weird as that comment is sometimes, it’s true! It doesn’t make sense to carry Chad in his carseat anymore because he weighs close to 20 lbs. and I can’t lug 27+ lbs around with one arm.  I also get the comment, “He is getting cuter as he gets older” and I love and agree with that whole heartedly! Chad is such a happy boy. He very frequently has a smile on his face, and we love seeing how happy he gets when he sees us.  It makes being a parent so worth it.

At 7 months, Chad:

>> Tries to crawl, and is getting so close

>> Can scoot backwards, but doesn’t always realize he’s doing it

>> Loves raising his hands above his head

>> Started picking things up with his thumb and pointer finger

>> Is in 6-12 month clothes

>> Celebrated his first Christmas

>> Has two sharp teeth {mandibular central incisors to be exact!}

>> Is starting to be questionable of people who aren’t Mom & Dad.  I’m hoping that going to a babysitter regularly will help with that.  I obviously don’t want my kid to be so friendly that he takes to a stranger on the street, but I want him to enjoy being social.

>> Chews on everything. His favorite things to chew on are straws and tags.

>> Smiles 80% of the time. He’s such a happy baby!

>> “Jumps” up and down when he gets excited.  When he’s sitting down he’ll try to jump in a sense, and he does get himself of the ground.  It’s so cute to watch!

>> Attended {and hosted haha} his first Christmas party

>> Met more extended family members

>> Liked trying to eat all of the wonderful Christmas cards you all sent to us! He must be thinking, “You’re so cute I could eat you!”

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Chad’s Favorite Things

Bottles • Showers • Paper • Going on walks • Being thrown in the air • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse • Winnie the Pooh • Balls • Playing with is diaper rash cream tube • Splashing when he takes a bath • Kicking • Jumping • Seeing mom or dad after a long period of time • Music • Reading books • Soft blankets • iPhones

Chad’s Least Favorite Things

Not being able to reach something {he knows his limits very well} • Getting stuck on his tummy • Watching us walk out of the room • Realizing his bottle is empty • Wind • Dirty diapers • Not getting enough attention • Getting buckled into his carseat • Being overly tired

Chad scooted for the first time yesterday {7 months, 5 days} and I am so excited! People say “Enjoy it while you can” when it comes to the fact that Chad is not much of a mover, but I have been ready for him to start being mobile.  I was probably more ready than he was.  I’m just happy that my baby is learning new things.  It’s so fun to watch him grow and learn.




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