8 Months


IMG_3367We continue to be amazed at how quickly Chad is growing and learning.  He’s continually changing and becoming less of a baby and more of a “big boy”.  Along with changing, he continues to be our pride and joy.  We love celebrating his successes as he learns and masters different things.

At 8 months, Chad:

>> Has cut down to about 2 naps a day

>> Wears size 4 diapers

>> Learned to scoot, and quickly learned to crawl!  He’s a fast mover.

>> Pulls himself up to stand by grabbing furniture, legs, or anything that’s stable and within reach

>> Has 4 teeth (2 on the top, 2 on the bottom)

>> Is constantly rolling, turning, and sitting up

>> Sleeps on his tummy

>> Loves sleeping with his Aden & Anais blankets

>> Enjoys eating veggie puffs & yogurt bites

>> Is almost always standing in his crib when we go to get him in the mornings or after naps

>> Knows how to wave, but doesn’t do it often

>> Enjoys reading books

>> Gives nice big, wet, open-mouth kisses

>> Likes playing peek-a-boo

>> Doesn’t hold still during diaper changes

>> Loves to “talk” and will “talk” back


For some reason, I can’t get more pictures from this past month to upload onto my blog, so you’ll just have to check out my Instagram to see them! (You can access them on the right)

Chad’s Favorite Things

Showers • Eating • Playing with his quiet book • Chewing on tags • Crawling • Jumping up and down • People • Other babies • Jewelry • Feeding himself • Watching basketball • Showing off for others • Shaking toys that make noise • Music • Climbing on Dad • Chewing on anything string-like (shoe laces, drawstrings, etc.)

Chad’s Least Favorite Things

Holding still • Having his nose wiped • Diaper changes • Being cold • Having things taken from him • Being put in bed when he isn’t ready to sleep • Coughing • Having a stuffy nose • Falling backward • Being alone •

My baby is growing up! Kurt and I are always saying that he acts more like a little boy than a baby sometimes.  I want to disagree because I want Chad to stay my baby forever.  Chad’s 4 teeth, and fast crawling seem to be convincing me otherwise.  He is becoming less of a baby everyday.  I’m holding on to his squishy cheeks, babbles, and big smiles for as long as I can.  I love being his mom.  I love how much he loves me; it’s been such a humbling experience having someone love and depend on me so much.  He has been my sunshine on my hardest days- We are so lucky that I have his sweet spirit in our home.





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