9 Months




It’s official! Chad hit 9 months/39 weeks this week, meaning he has spent as much of his life out in the world as I did carrying him.  Pregnancy seemed to last forever in the moment, but looking back, those nine months flew by.  I know I feel this way now because I’m not uncomfortable and I have this cute little baby with me 🙂

He’s gotten a lot bigger since the day he was born.  We went to the doctor for his 9 month wellness check and his doctor said, “You have an extremely healthy baby!”  I feel so blessed to have such a good little boy.  {My heart really goes out to mothers who have babies that have health difficulties.  They must have a lot of emotional and mental strength to be able to endure the health challenges that come their child’s way.} We love seeing him discover the world around him.

At 9 months, Chad:

>> Loves solid food, but isn’t very good at chewing yet

>> Laughs nonstop

>> Crawls very quickly

>> Pulls himself up on anything he can find that’s taller than he is

>> Is always standing when we go pick him up from nap time or when he wakes up in the morning

>> Walks along furniture

>> Chews on his fingers

>> Has 4 teeth

>> Can give kisses, wave, shake his head “no”, and clap.

>> Does really well with babysitters

>> Stats:

  • Height: 29.5″ long (91%)
  • Weight: 21 lbs. 3 oz. (78%)
  • Head: 50% – his head is finally proportionate to his body!

Chad’s Favorite Things

Bouncing • Doing flips with dad • Eating solid food • Reading books • Seeing mom & dad when home from work • Being outside • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse • Lids to containers • Taking everything out of bags • Kisses • Music • Straws • Baths & Showers • Sitting in his highchair • Watching videos of himself • Looking in the mirror

Chad’s Least Favorite Things

Getting his nose and/or ears cleaned • Being cold • Having something taken away from him • Koosh balls {he HATES these things…he gets the biggest look of disgust on his face. So of course Kurt & I went and bought one haha} • Crying it out • Feeling ignored • Strangers touching him • Crawling on tile • Being tired • Diaper rashes • Having his diaper changed • Getting dressed


I love being Chad’s mom.  Motherhood doesn’t come without it’s difficulties, but just because it’s hard doesn’t mean I don’t LOVE what I do!




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