10 Months



Wait…seriously? I’m starting to wonder when I won’t be surprised about how fast time passes and how quickly Chad grows.  We only have a few more months until this baby of ours is officially not a baby!  Chad continues to amaze us and light up our lives.  We are so lucky to have such a sweet, tender, spirit in our home.  Being a mom has become a lot harder because I have such an active little guy! He’s always getting into things, trying to walk, hurting himself, and just being a boy.  Even though it’s hard, I love it so much!

At 10 Months, Chad:

>> Will give you a hug if he senses you are sad

>> Joined in on Kurt’s 29th Birthday celebration!

>> Gives big, slobbery open-mouth kisses

>> Continues to wave, but has started waving with both hands at the same time

>> Loves to show off his teeth with a smile or a big grimace

>> Has started trying to climb up on things like boxes and toys

>> Walks while being assisted with a walker-toy, by holding both hands, or by placing his hands on the wall

>> Likes being chased around while he crawls

>> Loves rolling around on our bed or large empty spaces of carpet

>> Says, “Mum, mama, dada, baba”

>> Will lick/bite anything and everything

>> Plays peek-a-boo

>> Explores and gets into mischief (like dumping out trashcans, taking things out of drawers, taking everything off the bookshelf, etc.)

>> Developed a love for sugar: fruit snacks, candy, chocolate, and ice cream (to name a few!)

Here’s a few pictures we’ve taken over the last month (apologies in advance for the poor phone camera quality)!

Chad’s Favorite Things

Watching basketball with Dad • Throwing food on the ground • Stuffed animals • Rolling around on the floor • Showers • Ice Cream • Exercising/stretching with Dad • The book Brown Bear Brown Bear • FaceTime • Exploring • Dogs • The song, I Am A Child of God • Mom singing • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Chad’s Least Favorite Things

Having things taken from him • Getting his nose & ears cleaned • Getting buckled into his car seat • When Dad leaves for work • When he can’t hold the phone when people call • Cold bottles • Sippy cups • Being tickled too much • Getting pushed over • Being tired


We LOVE our baby Chad and are so happy to watch him grow up into such an adorable, dreamy, loving boy.

There are some big changes that are coming our way, so stay tuned! We are all very excited for a new adventure that’s about to take place and we will update you soon.



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