Happy 3 Year Anniversary



Today, Kurt and I get to recognize that we have spent the past three years being husband & wife. Knowing that I am forever bound to him, and he to me, is such a powerful and inspiring thing. I can honestly say that Kurt makes me immensely happy.

It is because of Kurt that I am the wife and mother I am now, and also it is because of him that I am still working harder to become even better at those to things. For my entire life, being a wife & mother were the most important things I wanted to be in life. I am fortunate enough to have both of those things, and I do not take them for granted.

The quote above by Elder Howard is one that is very dear to my heart. I want my marriage to gleam and shine. I want to take care of it and cherish it. The reason why I love this quote so much is that it mentions that it may become tarnished but it can be polished, meaning fixed and renewed. To me, tarnish can be so many things (both big and small things like speaking unkindly, being dishonest or disloyal, etc.) but we can polish it and perfect it and fix the things that can and need to be fixed. Marriage brings on double the trials and things may be said or done that we will regret. That doesn’t mean we can’t fix them and erase them and start fresh. There’s probably more times of “tarnishing” than we would like to admit, but I’m grateful for a husband that is continually helping me polish and perfect our marriage.

A few weeks ago, someone asked us why we liked being married and what we most enjoyed about it. Honestly, I haven’t been asked that question in so long because usually that question stops being asked after you’ve been married 6 months to a year. I loved being able to hear what Kurt had to say and it made me smile knowing that he loves being married to me. During this conversation, we heard stories about how people whine and complain about marriage and how hard it is because of health issues with children, financial problems, pet peeves, etc. Kurt and I were able to reflect on that conversation and we realized that those are not marriage problems. We have had similar trials to those listed above, but they don’t make us dislike our marriage or make us think marriage is hard. Those trials are hard, but I knew trials would come our way after marriage. These trials may have an impact on how we live our life, spent our money, or take care of our family, but we will never let them change the way Kurt and I feel about being together. I will take any trial that comes my way as a wife and mother, and I know Kurt will as a husband and father. I couldn’t imagine going through the ups and downs of life without Kurt.

More has happened within the past 3 years than I have ever imagined. Kurt has had 2 jobs, I graduated from college, we’ve lived in 2 apartments, we’ve moved into a house (details to come soon!!), we’ve had one adorable and loving son, we’ve had 8 church callings, a handful of races for Kurt & new hobbies for me, and many more trials than before we were married, but I love Kurt more now than I did the day I married him.

Happy Anniversary, Kurt! I will always be grateful for the email you sent me the week before you met me in person, the year you spent waiting for me to come to my senses and date you, and for the commitment you made to me to be with me forever. You’re a champ!



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