11 Months



I guess I better write Chad’s 11 month update before he turns 1 this week!  I’m going to be a mother to a 1 year old on Friday. Wow.  When Chad hit his 11 month mark, I felt like he wouldn’t change much between 11 months and 12 months…boy was I wrong! You’ll get to learn all of the changes between 11 months and 12 months in my next blog post 🙂

At 11 months, Chad:

>> Likes to mimic what people do (wave, shake his head, make faces)

>> Loves every food we’ve given him.  He even likes the food we don’t like to eat.  I give him all the black olives off my pizza and he downs them!

>> Goes to bed with minimal crying (most of the time)

>> Can sit through 20-30 minutes of a movie without losing interest (depends on the movie)

>> Can crawl up & down stairs. He learned how to crawl up stair in Virginia and then learned how to climb down stairs at our house.

>> Will walk if you hold one hand

>> Stands for a few seconds if you put him on his feet

>> Chews on anything on the ground (books, paper, cords, etc.)  It’s definitely something we try to discourage.

>> Is getting harder and harder to photograph. He is SUCH an active kiddo.

>> Has 6 teeth (3 on top, 3 on bottom).  He looks like he has a lopsided smile because he has an odd number of teeth on the top and on the bottom.

>> Babbles and talks to himself, but doesn’t say “Mama” or “Dada” anymore 😦

>> Gets into everything…his current fascination is trash cans (ewwwww)

>> Bites.  And he bites HARD.  We’re still trying to teach him that biting hurts, but we’ve only been partially successful. I’m sure it will just take time for him to learn.

>> Spends most of his time in just a diaper.  Getting dressed is not fun for him.

>> Can entertain himself.  It’s really interesting to watch him climb the stairs up to his playroom and play with his toys all by himself while I just watch.  Sometimes I feel bad that I don’t play with him all the time, but watching how much fun he has when it’s just him makes me so happy.  I can tell he’s really happy too so I just don’t interfere.

>> Refuses to drink from a sippy cup

>> Has his own room, closet, & playroom! We bought a house in April and we can tell that Chad absolutely LOVES it just as much as we do.  Having the extra space has made a huge difference for us.

>> Went on his first plane rides.  During out trip to Virginia, we had a total of 4 plane rides and he did so well! It helps that he is a very happy baby and didn’t cry too often.

>> Visited Virginia & Washington D.C.


Chad’s Favorite Things

Winnie the Pooh (obviously…that hasn’t changed for 5 to 6 months haha) • Reading books • Crawling up stairs • Solid food • Exploring • Talking to my parents on FaceTime • Playing peek-a-boo with Dad behind the couch • Bath/Shower time •

Chad’s Least Favorite Things

Diaper changes • Getting put in his carseat • Getting clothes put on • Being alone • Being put to bed early • Discovering that his bottle is empty • Being forced to walk or stand • Being hungry • Getting out of the bath • Grass • Hard floors (He bear crawls) • Falling asleep (he would stay up and play forever if he could)•


In just a few short days, Chad will be 1.  I’ve had the most incredible year being his mother.  I couldn’t imagine spending the past year any other way.  I know it sounds cliché, but I always knew that I was meant to be a mother & I’m glad I got to spend the past (almost) 12 months doing just that.  We love you, Baby Chad! Only a few more days until the “baby” no longer applies, but I’ll probably keep calling him that anyways.



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