15 & 18 Months



Chad hit his 15 month mark at the beginning of September and he is growing way too fast! He’s becoming more expressive, curious, & lovable everyday. His preferred from of communication consists of “ah ah ah” “woof woof” and “eh eh eh”.  He’s a sponge- he learns new things very quickly!

At 15 Months, Chad:

  •  Has 12 teeth
  • Is learning how to run
  • Enjoys a wide variety of food including peaches, rice, chicken, corn, graham crackers, triscuits, chocolate cake, ice cream, pork, and goldfish
  • Talks to himself constantly
  • Better understands commands and questions such as “No”, “Come here, please” “May I please have that?” “Go get it”, etc (Notice most are phrases that help keep him out of mischief!)
  • Dances whenever there is music.  Unfortunately, this means dancing in the middle of church when we sing hymns.  He’s not very reverent, but we appreciate the fact that Chad recognizes it’s music. It is the biggest compliment when he dances to your singing!
  • Tries to jump
  • Blows and gives kisses
  • Waves whenever you say “Bye Bye”
  • Enjoys outings like going to the Zoo
  • Loves playing with his cousins
  • Takes naps and goes to sleep without crying
  • Will throw things away in the trash can
  • Likes to dig through the trash in the trash can after he throws something away (ewww)
  • Gets along well with other children his age. This was something that I was worried about when he was younger.  It’s always been more difficult for him to play with kids his age because even though they are learning the same things, Chad is much bigger than other children so he physically doesn’t play well with others.  He’s always done well with playing with kids older than him because he is closer to their size.  Now he plays well with kids of all ages!
  • Loves babies
  • Stats:
    • Height: 33.5″ tall (98%)
    • Weight: 25.4 lbs (80%)
    • Head: N/A

Chad is still thin, but a lot more solid than we realized.  His doctor was quite impressed with how well his weight is keeping up with his height…seeing as Chad grew 2.5 inches in 3 months!!!  We aren’t exactly sure what his head size is because according to his records, his head shrunk.  We know that’s pretty much impossible so they are waiting until his 18 month appointment to update it accurately.

A lot of people have expressed concern about Chad’s very cute but very big belly button.  Yes we are aware of it (how could you not be? haha), yes his doctor is aware of it, yes he has a small hernia, and no we are not concerned 🙂  We love his perfectly imperfect little self and are so glad that he is healthy!

Chad’s Favorite Things

Peaches • Dancing • Showers • Giraffes• Running around with no clothes on • Dogs • Watching movies • Playing with phones • Climbing • Tickle fights • Naps with Dad • FaceTime • Reading books • Playing outside • Waving • Riding in wagons • Balls

Chad’s Least Favorite Things

Diaper changes • Not getting food fast enough • Being told “No” or having something taken away from him • Sippy Cups • Having his hands dirty • Sitting still • Being cold • Being offered help (he’s very independent) or not being offered help when he thinks he needs it (he’s very confusing haha)



It’s so weird to think that Chad still changes so much in just 3 months.  He’s really refined his skills and has learned a lot of new things.

At 18 months, Chad:

  • Went to nursery at church for the first time and spends half the time playing & half the time crying.
  • Loves being outside
  • Experienced “catching snowflakes” on his tongue for the first time
  • LOVES to run (one of his skills that has definitely improved over the past 3 months)
  • Is becoming a picky eater but still eats a lot.  His favorite foods right now are milk, chili, mashed potatoes, sweets, graham crackers, fruit leather, pizza, cheese.
  • Still tries to jump
  • Plays well with others
  • Sleeps through the night and takes 1.5-3 hour naps everyday
  • Knows a wide variety of animal noises: dog, cat, owl, chicken, duck, snake, cow, donkey, goat, sheep, elephant, lion, bear, tiger, horse, bee, monkey.
  • Enjoys stacking things
  • Knows how to pick up his toys
  • Knows a few words: haaa (hot), mama, dada, baba (bottle), dah (dog), bah (ball), hi
  • Loves giving kisses to mom & dad
  • Gives the best hugs and snuggles, especially at night and in the morning
  • Asks for a “baba” almost every 5 minutes
  • Loves touching and looking at babies…still 🙂
  • Folds his arms for prayers
  • Babbles at you like you’re having an intense & deep conversation
  • Loves animals.  Outings like the zoo and the aquarium are very fun for him
  • Enjoys looking at Christmas decorations, especially lights
  • Went to the movie theater for the first time to see Disney’s Moana
  • 18 Month Stats:
    • Height: 33.5″ (84%)
    • Weight: 26.6 lbs.  (80%)
    • He hasn’t grown in height at all over the past 3 months, and he’s only gained 1.2 lbs, but he is still towering over other kids his age.  He went through a pretty big growth spurt from 12-15 months, so I didn’t expect him to grow too much from 15-18 months.  He’s still tall, and not as thin as he used to be.  He’s the perfect size 🙂


Chad’s Favorite Things

Bath time • Making animal noises • Running • Reading books with dad • Dessert • Feeding himself • Bottles • Toothbrushes • Tarzan • Zootopia • Music • Dancing • Being rocked to sleep • Giving kisses • Being on FaceTime with family • Looking at pictures & videos of himself • Drinking fountains • Answering the door when he hears the doorbell

Chad’s Least Favorite Things

Sippy Cups • Having doors closed before he can get through them • Getting dressed • Diaper changes • Being left with people he doesn’t know • Having toys taken from him • Not getting what he wants • Bananas • Going to nursery • Peanuts •

We love watching Chad learn so many things.  We are in constant awe of how we can love him more and more everyday.  We have a lot going on over here in the Witt household and Chad is so adaptable and adjusts wonderfully.  He really is an incredible little boy.  I don’t know what we did to deserve such a loving, thoughtful, funny, adventurous son.  The past 18 months have really flown by.  To think that 18 months we went to the hospital as a family of 2 and a few days later came home as a family of 3 blows my mind.  I miss Chad’s newborn smiles and learning to crawl and watching him take his first steps.  Even though I miss those things, I have so much to look forward to with this little guy.

Much love to the boy who made me a mother.



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