Resolutions & Thoughts



2016 was one for the books. We had a lot of adventures this past year (some that we are still on).

  • We traveled to Oregon (twice), California, Nevada (twice) , Arizona (four times), Virginia (twice) & Washington D.C.
  • I celebrated my first Mothers Day.
  • We bought a house in Lehi, UT.
  • Kurt got a new job.
  • I worked part time as a dental hygienist and became a Shop Stevie Rep.
  • We hosted several family gathering at our new house, including Thanksgiving & Christmas.
  • Saw all members of our immediate family.
  • Painted half of our kitchen cabinets.
  • Decorated & furnished our home (a work in progress).
  • Went to the temple 12 times.
  • Celebrated Chad’s 1st birthday.

Those are just some of the things we did this year. We feel so blessed to have so many of you be a part of our life journey. We are so unbelievably grateful for you kindness, support, service, & love. We are truly blessed because of you.

Here’s a quote from one of my favorite blogs, Small Fry.  This post was written by Jenna (@jennaskitchen):

“I learned so much this year about who actually stood in my corner. I think living away from family, friends and everything you’re familiar with makes you keenly aware of those who will show up for you. Not necessarily in their physical presence, but their emotional one. It’s a scary and sad realization, but I think it’s necessary for regaining the focus and clarity of mind you need to stick with your priorities and goals you have set forward for yourself and to take a long the people who really fill you up and give you space to flourish.”

I feel like this describes a lot of what I went through this year.  Unfortunately I learned that some friends weren’t in my corner anymore and didn’t want much to do with keeping our friendship intact because I wasn’t popular enough, wealthy enough, or as well connected as others, so being there for me emotionally wasn’t worth the time.  One of my big resolutions for this year is to be emotional present for my friends who are not physically close, because I know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of a friendship where the other half doesn’t try to be emotionally there for you, and I never want anyone to feel that way or feel the heartache that I did.  I hope 2017 is full of new friendships & even some new relationships with old friends. Cheers to you, who have been there for me through my struggle with not getting pregnant, frustrations with work, and feeling a sense of loneliness.  Your video chats, Facebook/Instagram messages, e-mails, texts, and phone calls have helped me more than you have ever realized.  This year I hope to be more like my friend McKenzie, who helps me find the good in all situations & is the kindest person I know.  I want to be more like my friend Jannica, who listens to my struggles and doesn’t judge me for having a hard time with things that may be easy for others.  I want to be more like my sisters, Elise & Christine, who always seem to be able to laugh and put their best foot forward.  I want to be like my friend Alex, who is always willing to try something new in life & works hard to be a better person everyday. I want to be like my husband, Kurt, who is always up for a new adventure & is always looking out for everyone else.  I want to be like my little Chad, who loves unconditionally & is so willing to share that love with others.

My 2017 resolutions:

Be more thoughtful • Inspire others • Serve more • Be productive • More date nights • Go on a vacation (something we pretty much never do) • Be thankful • Enjoy my time with Chad • Make new friends • Be emotionally present in the lives of others • Not be afraid of letting go of things that don’t make me happy • Do something different with my hair • Laugh more • Be silly • Watch less TV • Focus on being active instead of being fit • Develop a new talent • Be better at doing laundry • Have Family Home Evening every Monday • Pray daily • Enjoy the journey • Stand up for what is right • Be less afraid of expressing my thoughts & opinions • Defend the things & people I love • Speak kindly towards everyone • Live in the moment • Finish decorating our house • Keep my office clean • Forgive

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope your 2017 brings you answers to prayers, comfort, joy, happiness, love, and much more.



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