Be My Valentines






We are so excited to announce that we will be a family of FOUR this August! We are over the moon that our family is growing and I’m excited to share my journey through my second pregnancy with all of you. I am just over 14 weeks and have had morning sickness since week 4. It’s not fun, but overall this pregnancy has treated me well.

I love Valentine’s Day! I’m so blessed to have 3 people in my family to love this year. We go to the doctor today for another appointment to check on *Baby #2! I can’t think of a better way to spend the day than loving my growing family.

* We haven’t come up with a nickname for this baby yet. We couldn’t bring ourselves to reuse “Peanut”. Chad’s been obsessed with bears lately (it’s the only animal that he will actually say the word instead of the sound haha) and he’s been calling the baby “Baby Bear”. We’ll see whether it sticks!

Thank you to everyone who has already expressed their excitement and well wishes. We couldn’t possibly be more thrilled for this new time in our lives and we are so grateful to share this exciting news with you all.


PC: Look for the Light Photo & Video

Studio: Wild Willow Studio | SLC, Utah



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