Week 15



Hello, 2nd Trimester! I am pumped to be out of my 1st trimester and closer to no morning sickness, my bump getting bigger & people realizing I’m pregnant and not fat, and getting my energy back.


  • Fruit/Veg: Apple
  • Animal: Yellow Canary
  • Bakery: Éclair
  • Toys & games: Box of Crayons

Gender: I’m thinking girl this week! Maybe that’s because I won’t admit how badly I want a girl and I internalize all my feelings about it haha. But as I’ve said before, the fact that I’m pregnant is amazing in itself so I won’t be disappointed whether I have a boy or girl. A baby in general is worth being excited about. I wouldn’t mind having a boy because I think Chad is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and I wouldn’t mind having another cute little man just like him.

Baby Names: I just asked Kurt, “Have you thought about baby names at all?” He said, “No because we already have them picked out.” We have a couple options for boys still but one option for a girl. We love our girl name so I don’t see it changing any time soon.

Cravings: Costco pizza & pot stickers. I like the taste of the pot stickers but not the smell. And I was craving Pad Thai at like 8pm one night and Kurt went and got it for me 🙂 Ice cream is always good too!

Aversions: Ground beef & chicken sound pretty gross right now, chili, salsa

Symptoms: Bloody noses, sore throat (from my bloody noses), headaches, thirst, excessive hunger, cravings

Nausea/Morning Sickness: It’s been better this week! I can control it if I snack every 2 hours and stay hydrated. I started drinking protein shakes (don’t worry- I made sure my doctor approved of the products and ingredients) and that’s really helped! Smells can still put me over the edge though.

Movement: Not yet! Sometimes I think I feel something but I think it’s just my imagination. I’m hoping to feel Baby Bear move within the next week or two though.

Sleep: Not bad but not good. My sleep patterns have changed not due to pregnancy but do to Chad being sick. Hopefully he gets better soon and we can all sleep through the night

Maternity Clothes: Not yet but probably soon. There’s no hiding this bump anymore. I feel like I look about 4 weeks further along that I did when I was pregnant with Chad, so I’ll probably need them sooner

Wedding Ring on/off?: On! This is a big deal for me because I’ve had some health issues that make it so I can’t wear it sometimes, pregnant or not. So I’m excited that I get to wear my ring 🙂

Favorite Moment of the Week: Hearing Baby Bear’s heartbeat, announcing that our family is expanding, and celebrating Valentine’s Day. We chose to go out to breakfast for Valentine’s Day and that is the best decision we could’ve made and we are now going to do it every year. Breakfast places are totally empty so we had Black Bear Diner all to ourselves. Chad had a blast looking at all the Bear statues and artwork. It was a great experience for all of us. That evening I made dinner at home (steak, potatoes, salad, rolls, Martinellis, and Berry Cake with Lemon Cream Mousse) and we spent some quality time together as a family because Chad was really sick.

Least Favorite Moment of the Week: Finding out that Chad has bronchitis and giving him medicine. His medicine tastes AWFUL. I didn’t think Amoxicillin would taste so gross but it does and Chad throws up almost every time he takes it 😦 It’s been a struggle trying to get him to rest, take his medicine, and to relax because he just wants to go 100mph all the time and then he wears himself out so much he’s out of commission for a few days…Sounds like his dad.

Looking Forward To: Chad getting better, completing the details of planning our vacation, and finding out the gender of our baby in 5-6 weeks!



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