Mommy Style Monday: Time Management

Hey friends! I joined in with a handful of other moms to contribute to Mommy Style Monday!  Madeline and Kiana started Mommy Style Monday to inspire & uplift mothers and have fun.  Style is an all encompassing word of so many things that we do ranging from clothes, to how we parent, to how to learn, to how our homes run. Every post will be different, so I hope you enjoy! I’m grateful I get to contribute with these other beautiful mothers and learn & grow from them.

This week is all about managing time! I’ll be honest, I was so intimidated by this topic because I am not always an organized person who is on top of everything.  I’m not one of those glorious looking instagram mom’s that seem to have everything together and when they post that they’re having a hard time, people rally around them and build them up.  I feel like I’m in that group of mom’s that has more struggle days than easy-breezy ones, can never get Chad to stand for a good photo, and post on social media inconsistently.  BUT, we all “mom” in different ways and in the best ways we can, and I think that is so beautiful and inspiring.

Here are some of my all-time favorite tips & pieces of advice when it comes to time management!


The biggest piece of advice I’ve ever received when it comes to Time Management is, “Do what matters.” AKA Prioritize. What matters can be all over the spectrum but if something matters to you, make a point to do it!  Sometimes what matters one day is different than what matters the next day.  At the end of the day I always make a list of what matters the most that I need to accomplish the next day.  That way I wake up knowing what I think is important to do.  Sometimes, fulfilling orders for my clothing business is what matters that day because I didn’t prioritize it the day before.  Sometimes doing something for myself is a big priority because I’m running on empty and I can’t be the best wife and mother I can be without taking care of myself as well.  Sometimes, my priority is not cooking dinner and that is okay.  Everyday I try to do something for me (and my sweet son) that helps us physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. Here’s a list below of some of the things I’ve done that have refueled us and have helped us feel like we had a fulfilling day.

Exercise at a gym • Go on a walk • Meal prep for the week • Do laundry • Go grocery shopping • Go to the park • Run other errands • Meet up with another mom! • Read scriptures • Listen to General Conference talks • Meditate or Pray • Do something related to your church • Serve • Find a hobby • Work from or outside of your home • Do something for me

Staying Organized

I have come to learn that I am not my best self when my house is crazy.  My business does not thrive when I don’t stay on top of my orders or if I let something fall by the wayside. Tips on how to stay organized: make lists, have calendars, keep your space clean. Make Lists: I have so many lists on my phone, it’s ridiculous!  But it’s so fulfilling checking something off my list when I do it.  Don’t you just love that feeling?! Having a clean house is one of the hardest things for me to accomplish.  Have Calendars: Kurt and I have a lot of calendars on our phones, but we have one synced that has everything family related or anything we need both of us to know (I’m going to work so we need a babysitter, Kurt has to stay late at work, Kurt has a basketball game, etc.)  We’ve gotten into the habit of putting everything on the calendar and it is so helpful. Keep your space clean:  My 2 year old son heavily contributes to the messes around the house and my tired, pregnant self cannot keep up most of the time! I’ve been working on a cleaning schedule for the past month (not actually doing it, but creating it) that we are putting into practice today! We are really hoping it’s successful- if it is, I’ll share it with you all!  I feel like when your space is clean (whether that space is your entire home, a room in your home, or a desk), it’s easier for your mind to organize itself and it’s much easier to have a spirit of peace & calm in your home.

Do Something For You

Now that I’m pregnant with Baby Bear (baby boy #2 for us), I am wiped! I try my hardest to do a little something for “me” everyday.  Sometime’s it’s spending time working, others it’s staying up late to paint my nails.  This is a priority for me because I know that I cannot be my best self for my family if I am not taking care of myself.  As mothers, I know we put ourselves on the back burner most of the time.  I know I do! But I’ve realized more and more that I just need to take care of myself because there is so much more I can do and give when I am feeling fueled.

I am no champ at doing all of this all the time.  I’m not perfect, and no one expects me to be.  I know my high expectations of motherhood come from the opinion I draw personally of what I feel others are expecting of me.  Isn’t that crazy how so many of us have come up with this idea in our heads? As long as I’m doing my best, I can stand by everything I do as a mother.  Overall, that’s my mom style.

Thanks so much for reading about my first Mommy Style Monday! Hope you guys are looking forward to my next MSM post!


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