Week 25 & Recap!



  • Fruit/Veg: Napa Cabbage, Cauliflower
  • Animal: Prairie Dog
  • Bakery: Tart Tatin
  • Toys & games: Baseball glove

Gender: Boy! Don’t think the answer to this will be changing any time soon. I still get nervous about having another baby but for the most part I am getting settled and am creating lists for everything I need to get done before the baby comes.

Baby Names: I feel like picking a name is getting harder, not easier! It’s so frustrating for me because by this time we had a name picked out for Chad and we were just waiting for him to be born so we could see whether the name would fit.  Right now nothing seems natural or to fit well.  We do have some options though, so I think we’re just waiting for my due date to get closer so we can come back to the topic.

Cravings: Sweets & peanut butter

Aversions: None really, but there are a lot of things that just don’t sound appealing.

Symptoms: Pelvic pain, trouble sleeping, dry skin, bloody noses.

Nausea/Morning Sickness: None! I love not being sick.  I’m still in that sweet spot where I have my energy and I’m not feeling totally sluggish, so I’m soaking it in as much as I can.

Movement: Lots! It hasn’t gotten painful yet, but it can be pretty uncomfortable.

Sleep: Sleep hasn’t been great. I hardly sleep through the night.  It’s just really difficult to get comfortable and stay comfortable.  Fortunately, I have a husband who will wake up in the middle of the night with me and rub my back, get me water, and all that stuff. He’s a keeper.
Maternity Clothes: Yes! I’ve gotten a few from PinkBlush Maternity that I will be posting about this week.  I love comfortable maternity clothes, and PinkBlush Maternity as well as Undercover Mama have sent me a few things that have been lifesavers.  I got a tank from Undercover Mama that’s a nursing tank that attaches to a nursing or regular bra… why did I not have 100 of these when I was pregnant with and nursing Chad? My favorite thing is that my tank fits my 25 week baby bump.  I can’t wait to actually use it for it’s intended purpose.

A lot of you have asked where I get the clothes that I take my weekly pictures in; most of them are from my Shop Stevie Shop! You can follow me on Instagram where I post pictures and Insta stories about all the clothing I get in.

Wedding Ring on/off?: On! Which makes me so happy!

Favorite Moment of the Week:  This week, Kurt & I celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary. Sometimes it feels like we’ve already been married for eternity, other times it feels like yesterday. It’s weird to think that I am currently the age Kurt was when he and I met…I thought he was so old haha! Everyone always has their trials in marriage, but I can honestly say that being married to Kurt has been the most wonderful thing to ever happen to me.

For those of us who have known us a long time, we have an “interesting” dating history. I’m so grateful Kurt continued to be patient and kind to me. He was always my driving force to become a better person. We had some pretty long (and extremely difficult) conversations while we were dating when it came to “my potential” and “the person he thought I could be”. Thank goodness I was so in love with him and took those to heart instead of being offended.  I’d say my biggest struggle when it came to Kurt was accepting his goodness; I had honestly ever met someone so brutally honest, hardworking, and who had the desire to always be the best he could be.  I felt quite inferior to him at the age of 18 & 19 because I was still trying to figure out life and he seemed to have this beautiful life already and it was hard to feel good enough to join into that life. He continues to  help create a beautiful life for our family and I am so grateful for him.

Part of this life Kurt has created for us made it possible for us to buy a house 1 year ago. I can hardly believe we’ve lived in our home that long. I was quite nervous when we moved into our neighborhood because there weren’t many people in my exact phase of life or close to my age. I really let that hold me back. I felt like it was always easier for Kurt because he had “more life experience” and he was closer to the age of the parents that live around us. Honestly, I felt like that until this week. I am so glad to have met the people that we have living in this neighborhood. I feel really fortunate to have some new friends.

We take an anniversary picture every year holding the picture we took the year before.

Least Favorite Moment of the Week: Being so busy.  I love being busy, but this past week was crazy with all of the celebrating, attending the UDA Convention, etc.

Looking Forward To: A low key week! I can’t wait to relax this week.  I got my nails done for the first time in what seems like forever last week and I think I should probably get a pedicure to match my manicure 😉





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