Mommy Style Monday: Sunday Best

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With being pregnant, having church at 1:00pm, and having to take a crying almost 2 year old to nursery, you think what I wear to church would be the least of my worries. Sundays are pretty busy for us, but it’s my favorite day of the week when it comes to getting ready. Why? Because I actually get ready!! Haha. I do my best to do my hair, make up, and wear something that makes me feel like myself despite the fact that I’m growing a human, walking to church, and may end up roaming the halls and having zero adult interaction. Here’s a photo of what I wore yesterday, excluding my overflowing Fawn Design diaper bag. Dresses have been my best friend during this pregnancy, which has made it much easier to get ready for church on Sundays.

Owning a clothing shop has had serious perks, including a huge update to my “Sunday Best” wardrobe. It’s so hard for me to buy clothing that’s exclusively maternity because it can get expensive. Not only that, but shopping while pregnant is hard, since you don’t really know what will and won’t fit you after the baby comes. My current church attire needs to fit a 26 week baby bump, and I’ve really been able to find some pieces that are maternity friendly, nursing friendly, and flattering for a postpartum body.

I’ve had a dress sitting in my closet for weeks that I’ve been setting aside for Mother’s Day! I’m so excited that I get to wear it.  Hopefully some of these outfits will provide you with some Sunday dress/Mother’s Day inspiration!

Most of my bump update photos are taken on Sundays because that’s the day I actually get ready.  I’m also wearing Shop Stevie in all of these pictures…can you tell that I’m obsessed?  Some of my other favorite places to shop for Sunday attire are Roolee, Piper & Scoot, ASOS, Nordstrom, PinkBlush, Banana Republic, & Lettie Boutique.

Head on over to the blogs below to get more outfit inspiration!

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Thanks for your support of my every changing topics of blog posts! I’m all over the place sometimes so thanks for reading! I’ve joined up with some AMAZING women to contribute to Mommy Style Monday: an topic encompassing anything related to motherhood from fashion to parenting tips and more.  Feel free to sign up and contribute on Kiana’s or Madeline’s blog!




  1. You look great! Seriously, pregnancy looks good on you. Church can be super crazy with a toddler! But I agree, Sunday is like the only day I get ready ha ha, so I always look forward to getting ready.


  2. Love all of your outfits! When I was pregnant dresses were my favorite! I also didn’t spend much on maternity clothes I only had a one pair of jeans and a pair of shorts. I made it a point to buy flowy shirts that I could wear after my pregnancy and till this day I have some of those flowy shirts and dresses .


    • Exactly! I have a bunch of prepregnancy clothes that I’ve been wearing. I just bought a pair of shorts, a black top, and a white top to help me get through the summer. Plus these basics are perfect for every pregnancy so I felt justified in buying them. I’m just hoping I can get through the hot summer!!!

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