Week 26 & Chad’s 23 Month Update



  • Fruit/Veg: Butternut Squash
  • Animal: Slow loris
  • Bakery: Boule de pain
  • Toys & games: Bowling pin

Gender: Boy 🙂 Not that this is changing anytime soon haha

Baby Names: So one night I said to Kurt, “After talking names for a few weeks, I feel like we are leaning towards the name _______.” Kurt then said, “Really? Because I feel like we’ve been leaning toward _______.” So, we are not on the same page when it comes to names haha! Why are boy names so much harder to come up with?! We want the name to be absolutely perfect so we will take as long as we need to come up with a name. Hopefully we don’t need longer than 14 weeks!

Cravings: Sweets! Brownies and vanilla ice cream really hit the spot.

Aversions: None really 🙂

Symptoms: Fatigue, thirst, dry skin, bloody nose, joint pain, back pain

Nausea/Morning Sickness: None!

Movement: A lot! I love feeling Baby Bear move! It’s starting to get uncomfortable, but kicks are always a comforting thing. He does a great job at kicking me awake every morning.

Sleep: Not great. My body has a hard time relaxing, so I’ve been stretching and doing yoga everyday to help my body relax. That’s helped a little bit. I didn’t really have sleep problems when I was pregnant with Chad, so this is new for me.

Maternity Clothes:  Yep! I need more maternity shirts and shorts, so I’ll be buying a few of those hopefully this week! 

Wedding Ring on/off?: On

Favorite Moment of the Week: We’ve seen a lot of family & friends this week, which is always nice. Chad and I attended my best friend’s birthday dinner, we went to the Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival, and I got a Thanksgiving Point pass! If you have one, come with us! If not, come with us anyways 😉

Least Favorite Moment of the Week: Sometimes being busy just wears you out… so it hasn’t been fun feeling so exhausted, but I’ve loved being out and about.

Looking Forward To: Doctor appointment next week (yay for glucose tests!), my trip to Maryland, and Chad’s birthday coming sooner than we think!

Chad Update


Chad turns 2 in less than a month! I swear, he was a baby yesterday. I have loved being his “mama”/”mommy”. He radiates happiness, fun, and excitement. He is so much like his dad it’s hard to believe that he’s technically half me. He loves playing with water, being outside, running around (surprise surprise), puzzles, animals, watching movies, dancing, singing, and creating things. Some of his favorite favorite words are: more • food • outside • water • movie • dada • mommy • mouse • bus • tiger • bear • baby • Sarah •  cold • hot • car • truck • farm • brownies. He is a pretty consistent with his use of “pweeese” and “tank youuu” (said in a high pitch voice) and is obsessed with babies. He recognizes a handful of family members: Dada, Mommy, Dziadziu (my dad), Babci (my mom), Tine (Christine), Lise (Elise), Michael, Dallin, Sarah, and Tyler (cousins). All babies he sees he calls “Sarah” and he is good at being soft with babies. We are happy he loves little ones so much; my anxiety is eased a lot because of it. He loves food. He gets his sweet tooth from his dad, for sure, but his love for chocolate from me (he frequently asks for brownies for breakfast haha).

We are so impressed with how smart Chad is becoming. He’s a champ at counting from 1-10, and loves counting from 11-20 and saying his ABC’s with assistance. He is a problem solver (like his dad) but insists that he needs help with pretty much everything (like his mom). He’s a bit of a scaredy cat (like his mom) but we (aka Kurt) are doing our best to push him into wanting to be independent.

Everyday we see characteristics in Chad that are going to make him such a wonderful big brother. He always wants to give Baby Bear hugs and kisses and has been so good at sharing with others. Hopefully this behavior lasts a while.




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