Mommy Style Monday: Witt Family Summer Bucket List

This week I’m sharing a snippet of our Witt Family Summer Bucket List! Our list is much longer than the one below, but it will give you an idea of all the fun things we plan on doing this summer. Kurt and I have created 2 every year for the past 2 years (one for warm weather in Utah, and one for during the winter). I definitely don’t want to stay cooped up in the house this summer and we want Chad to enjoy his first summer of really being able to participate in activities, so we stuck with our tradition of making a bucket list. Here are a few things that are on it!
To Do List:

  • Have a baby
  • Paint kitchen cabinets
  • Decorate the boys’ room
  • Minimize
  • Grow my business

Bucket List:

  • Go berry picking (we had a blast doing this last year. We will probably do this near the end of summer)
  • See fireworks as much as possible
  • Host a BBQ
  • Teach Chad to “swim”
  • Watch as many parades as possible
  • Teach Chad to kick a soccer ball (he’s pretty content with picking the ball up with his hands…keeping my fingers crossed that maybe we’re raising a goal keeper!)
  • Get Strawberries & Cream at Strawberry Days
  • Build forts
  • Hike to Silver Lake
  • Run a 5K (this one is just Kurt)
  • Go to Food Truck Roundup
  • Go to an outdoor movie in the park
  • Fish
  • Go to the zoo and as many kids museums as possible
  • Eat snow cones
  • Go to the splash pad
  • “Camp” with Chad (we haven’t tried having him sleep in a tent outside, but camping might just be sleeping in his fort in the living room)

We love summer. There’s something about being able to be outside that’s good for the body & soul. It’s hard to believe that some of these activities might be done as a family of FOUR! My due date is August 12th and the last official day of summer Friday, September 22nd; it is very likely that Baby Bear will be joining us on our Witt Family adventures! Can’t wait to experience these activities with my amazing family.

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  1. Love number one on your to do! I’m currently in the process of painting my kitchen cabinets, i’m hoping i can finish them before the end of the year. lol! Sounds like an amazing summer!!


    • I had a goal to finish mine before Christmas, but then I found out I was pregnant and I couldn’t do it haha. New goal is to have them done by the end of summer and hopefully it’ll happen! Good luck completing yours!


    • We’re trying to embrace the season and warm weather as much as possible. Congrats on Baby #2! Can’t wait to find out what you’re having 🙂


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