Happy Father’s Day!

I remember the night Kurt and I sat down and had a nice long talk about feeling right about marrying each other; we had just spent the evening with Kurt’s nephews and that was our first time seeing each other around kids. It was that night that I saw how amazing Kurt was with kids, how much they loved him, and how great of a father he would be one day. We got engaged the next month 🙂

Kurt is such a wonderful dad! Although I get upset with how much time Kurt spends working (feelings that come from a combination of being an overwhelmed, tired, achy, emotinal pregnant mother), I’m so grateful for the time he sacrifices to make sure he can provide for us and take care of his family. He is the glue that holds our family together. 

I remember laying in my hospital bed after delivering Chad and watching Kurt hold him for the first time. What an amazing sight to see as a wife and new mother. Chad had a pretty rough time after his delivery and Kurt was there for him every second after, leaning over the nurses watching him, describing him to me, and preparing to hold our sweet boy for the first time. 

We will be welcoming our second baby boy in just under 8 weeks! When we found out we were having another boy, Kurt was absolutely elated. Kurt and Chad have such a wonderful bond and I can’t wait for Kurt to have that similar bond with another one of our boys. I’ve been nervous about having another boy, but Kurt embraced it immediately. He’s always been so good at going with the flow, embracing all types of situations, and being flexible. Chad is so much like Kurt! I’m so grateful we get to raise these 2 boys together & that they get to have the best dad around. 

I’m also so grateful for my own father and the positive impact he has had on my life, and Chad’s. We’re super lucky to have so many great men who care about our family so much. 

Happy Father’s Day, Kurt! We love you to the moon and back. 


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