Mommy Style Monday: A Day in the Life of the Witt’s!

We are doing our best to settle into more of a routine before Baby Bear comes! We haven’t had too much of a routine over the past year because we’ve loved being flexible, spontaneous, and open to schedule changes. Now that a little baby is going to join our family, we are trying to better show/teach Chad the flow of the day and small routines to help him understand what is going on.

7:30-7:45am Kurt is usually already awake and off to work. He works so unbelievably hard and has developed the habit of going in early and staying late (a little more frequently than Chad and I would like), but we love his dedication and admire his work ethic. Kurt usually is the one who wakes me up in the morning, but I lay in bed answering e-mails, resting, stretching, or sometimes falling back asleep until Chad wakes up. *If Chad wakes up any earlier than I do, Kurt gets him and plays with him until I’m ready to start my day & he is ready to leave for work.

*This has been such a life saver over the past 2 years. I had some health problems after having Chad that made it almost impossible to get out of bed in the mornings to take care of Chad. We found that enough rest and sleep at night really helps my symptoms, so Kurt has spent the majority of the mornings over the past 2 years with Chad if Chad wakes up before I do or if I need more rest. I’m seriously so grateful for Kurt!

7:30-9:00am Chad will wake up sometime in between here. It all depends on how well he went down the night before, what time he fell asleep, etc. I’m writing this at 9:15am and Chad still isn’t awake. He’s been sleeping for almost 12 hours! But he didn’t nap much yesterday so it’s expected. As soon as Chad wakes up we play with puzzles, eat breakfast, and then get dressed for the day.

10:00am-1:00pm This is our fun time & lunch time! We usually go grocery shopping, go to the park, visit dad at work or have him come join us for a picnic lunch at the park, run errands for my work (Shop Stevie- Alexis Witt), watch a movie, play with puzzles, etc. It’s been fun watching Chad’s interests change. Some days he has no interest in going outside, other days that’s all he wants to do. This is my favorite part of the day because I get to watch Chad’s personality grow, talents develop, and watch him learn new things.

1:00-4:00pm Chad naps! I’m so grateful for this time that I have to work, take a nap, clean the house, and focus on other things that require my attention. Chad is an excellent napper, but I’m not holding my breath. Eventually, he will stop napping and I wouldn’t be surprised if he wants to stop napping when the baby arrives. Chad has serious FOMO (fear of missing out). He won’t take a nap or go to bed at night if he thinks we’re going to do something fun without him 😂

4:00-6:00pm We play more and I (sometimes) make dinner haha. I have Chad mostly self-entertain during this time so I can finish up whatever I was working on during his nap and make dinner. It’s been hard to cook during this pregnancy because I’m always so tired and it hurts to stand, but typically Kurt comes home between 5:30-6:15 so we then have dinner together and play even more afterwards.

6:30-8:30pm Family time! We spend this time going to the pool, watching a movie together, Kurt playing “boo” with Chad, playing with puzzles, going to the park down the street, and just enjoying the time we have together. We really don’t have much time left when it’s just the 3 of us, so these past several weeks have been spent making Chad feel loved & special before his brother arrives.

8:30-9:30pm This is when we start Chad’s night time routine. We all change into pajamas, Chad drinks his bottle, we play with puzzles to settle down, read books, sing some songs, read “spisters” (how Chad says scriptures), brush teeth, and then we turn on calming music, dad leaves, and I get to rock Chad for about 10 minutes before I put him in his crib for bed. Although we have all day together, that 10 minutes is really special for both of us. I hope to continue to have this together after his baby brother comes.

9:30-11:00pm This is really the only time Kurt and I get to spent together one on one. we watch movies, talk about our days, catch up on ESPN, etc. We have the best time hanging out. Soon we will have another little buddy join our time together, but I think we’ll manage.

Then we sleep and the day starts over. We really enjoy weekends when we get to spend more time together as a family. Weekdays can be really busy for us because Kurt works a lot, I’m totally wiped by the time he gets home, and it stays light outside until 9 so Chad doesn’t see the point in going to bed when it’s not dark (I don’t blame him haha), so weekends are amazing for us. Our summer weekends have been full of adventures, outdoor activities, museum visits, family time, naps, and projects for getting ready for Baby Bear to join our family.

We love going on little adventures once dad gets home! We went and got free slurpees in 7 Eleven Day!
Dad came home from work and we headed straight to the park!
Another park evening!
Whenever we go anywhere, he loves to people watch and stay close to Dad.
Nap time!

I’m nervous but excited about our schedule changing within the next 4 weeks. I’ll have to figure out how to squeeze in double the diaper changes, baby feedings, nap times for 2 kids, and more. It’ll be quite the adjustment but I welcome it with open arms because I am SO excited to have another baby.


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