Introducing Luke Joseph Witt

We are so happy to welcome Luke to our family!  His birth story will make an appearance within the next week or two, as we are spending every second we can snuggling this sweet boy.

The name Luke means “light giving” and our sweet newborn does exactly that.  We chose the name Luke because someone who was very light-giving in our lives.  For those of you who have known us since we were dating, Kurt & I had a very dear friend named Luke.  He helped plan and prepare Kurt’s proposal to me, was Kurt’s personal trainer, attended church with Kurt (I was living in Utah at the time), and was going to be one of the groomsmen at our wedding.  Several months before our wedding, Luke passed away.  To this day, he continues to be a positive influence in our home even though he is no longer physically with us.  We speak of him often, laugh about the experiences we shared when we were all together, and find so much joy in celebrating his memory.  We decided to name our second son after him.

The name Joseph means “God shall add; God raises; Increase”. This is my dad’s first name.  Kurt and I both look up to my dad so much, and admire his service-minded lifestyle & mentality. We hope Luke inherits that!

We love having this little piece of heaven with us. He’s so perfect in every way and we already can’t imagine our lives without him!



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