Luke’s Birth Story

Preface: when I had Chad, both doctors that delivered him recommended that I be induced the next time I had a baby to see whether I could deliver sooner than 39 weeks & have the chance of delivering a smaller baby. I thought it was odd, but kept it in mind. 

For a little over a month, Luke (you all knew him as Baby Bear) was measuring 2 weeks ahead. Every time we mentioned that to someone they would have a mini freak out. We weren’t concerned and my doctor wasn’t concerned because if you look at Kurt and myself, neither one of us is tiny and having delivered Chad, I knew this baby wasn’t going to be smaller. Well, I kept measuring ahead and we (meaning my doctor, Kurt, and myself), decided that the best thing for us to do when it came to my labor & delivery was to be induced 4 days before my due date. Overall, it was SUCH a positive experience and I would definitely do it again.


7:00 am – we arrived at Orem Community Hospital. I had preregistered, so most of the paperwork was done. I brought my OBGYN history papers so there wasn’t much for us to do when it came to getting everything documented on the computer. I changed into my hospital gown and waited. My nurse came in and hooked me up to IVs to get the process started.

8:00 am – my nurse came in to check how far along I was before I was given Pitocin. I was at a 1, which I had never been checked and been dilated before being in active labor before, so I figured that my body must’ve been ready and preparing for labor. I’m convinced that if I didn’t have an induction, I probably would’ve had Luke the next day.

9:00 am – I was given Pitocin and my epidural. I really don’t like getting IVs put in. This time my epidural really hurt. With Chad it didn’t because I was already having contractions and my epidural hurt less than my contractions. This time I hadn’t started having contractions before they gave me my epidural and it hurt a lot more.

10:00 am
– 2 cm, 70% effaced. I felt like I was doing well! I was worried about how I would react to Pitocin, since I didn’t do so well with it when I was in labor with Chad, but it seemed to do it’s job!

10:25 am
– my doctor came in to check on me to see how far along I was to determine whether he should break my water. By this time I was at 4 cm, 80% effaced. What??! That was fast! He decided to break my water, which is an interesting feeling haha. My water broke on it’s own with Chad when I labored at home with him, so this was a new experience.

11:10 am
– 6 cm; I was progressing a lot faster than I did with my labor with Chad, which I was excited about because I hoped that it meant less pushing too!

11:55 am
– 9 cm & ready for my first practice push! They told me to stop after one push so I didn’t have the baby without my doctor and his team around.

12:21 pm
– 10 cm, 100% effaced & 100% ready to push!

12:35 pm
– I started pushing!  Inbetween my contractions, I was coughing like crazy. My doctor thinks I had bronchitis. Note: Try to get healthy before you have a baby. Labor went well, but my cough and stuffy nose wore me out quickly. Coughing ended up being a good thing though; it helped aid in moving Luke since I was forcing contractions in between my labor contractions.

I was nervous about pushing, but I seriously had SO much encouragement and support from the people in the room. Kurt was my rock. I definitely couldn’t have done this without him. He’s more of a silent source of encouragement. Just looking at him and seeing him smile back made me feel better. I had an incredible doctor who made it the most positive experience possible. He was very excited, encouraging, and honestly one of my biggest advocates for having the labor and delivery that I wanted. Usually you need a doula, a nurse, or a spouse to be an advocate for you, but he, Kurt, and I were on the same page the entire pregnancy & delivery. I feel super blessed to have such an amazing doctor take care of us. My labor nurses were incredible! They cheered me on and it made my labor experience so wonderful. I pushed for 34 minutes, which was SO nice compared to the 3 hours and 33 minutes I pushed with Chad.

1:09 pm
– a little piece of heaven joined our family! Luke Joseph Witt arrived weighing 8 lbs 7 oz (technically 7.4 oz) and 21″ long; 6 (6.4) oz heavier but the same length as his big brother. 6 oz doesn’t sound like much bigger, but my body would tend to disagree with that haha. I didn’t get the chance to hold Chad immediately after his delivery due to complications, but Luke arrived perfectly healthy and I was able to hold him instantly after he arrived. What a special & magical feeling moment. This is when I started crying. Luke was so healthy and perfect in every way and I felt really close to family & heaven in that moment.

Here are a few questions people asked!

Would you consider getting induced again for your next baby? Yes! It was such an amazing experience being able to plan for when Luke would arrive. There are pros and cons, as there are with everything, but overall my induction went so smoothly. I’d say the biggest con to getting induced is that it eliminates the anticipation, which can be fun to experience.

Why were you induced? This is a pretty personal question and choice, but it’s what my doctor, Kurt, and myself agreed on. Long story short, my body has a hard time carrying big babies but it’s bearable. Unfortunately, my body can barely handle delivering them. Getting induced gave us the most control possible over the way my labor and delivery would go, so we went for it.

Was your delivery different than your delivery with Chad? Very much so! Both were positive experiences and I was well taken care of but they were quite different. Chad was a spontaneous labor, my water broke at home, I delivered at a big hospital, my labor was 15-16 hours, I pushed for just over 3.5 hours, Chad struggled immediately after he was born and I didn’t get to hold him until 20 minutes after I had him, it took 2 doctors to deliver Chad, and he needed to be suctioned during delivery. You can read about my labor & delivery experience with Chad here. With Luke, I was induced, my water was broken by my doctor, I delivered at a much smaller hospital, my labor was 1/3 as long as my labor with Chad, I pushed for 34 minutes, Luke was healthy after delivery, I got to hold him immediately (what a beautiful experience!), it only took 1 doctor, and I pushed him out all on my own.

How was your Hospital experience? If you live in Utah County, deliver at Orem Community Hospital. I delivered Chad at Timpanogos Regional Hospital. I had a good experience there, but OCH blew that experience out of the water! The nurses were amaaaaazing, and they took such good care of us. I was able to labor, deliver, and recover in the same room which was something I didn’t experience before. Plus, I didn’t mind the jetted tub in my bathroom 😉 The thing that I loved about OCH was how focused they were on my recovery and spending time with Luke. With my recovery with Chad, it took me over 24 hours to get out of my hospital bed…this time it took me 6 hours. The nurses were gently pushing me to get up and walk, hold Luke, shower, etc. It has made a world of a difference in my recovery and I am so grateful for that.

What has been the biggest challenge since coming home? To me, the biggest challenge has been trying to take care of Chad.  I’ve taken care of a newborn before, but I’ve never helped a 2 year old adjust to having a baby around, nor have I ever taught a 2 year old how to be soft & gentle with babies, to be patient when I need to take care of a newborn, and do all of this while running on a handful of hours of sleep.  But things could be so much worse.  I really am counting my blessings because Chad is handling this experience quite well and Luke has been such a wonderful baby.

Where did you get the idea for his name?  You can check out my blog post here 🙂

Chad meeting Baby Luke for the first time!
Babci & her grandsons
First bath!
The Witt Boys

First family photo as a family of 4!


We have been a family of 4 for a little shy of 2 weeks now and it’s been a hard, but amazing.  My parents have been so wonderful and have helped us out so much with the handful of projects and the never ending To Do lists that we had.  Chad loves them so much and is always sad to see them leave.

Chad is obsessed with his little brother! He is always wanting to hold, hug, kiss, snuggle, and share his toys with Luke.  It makes my mom heart so happy to see Chad already adjusting to having a baby around.  When it comes to Chad having to share me with Luke…well, that’s a different story.  We knew there would be a handful of adjustments for all of us, and we are happy that everyone is {generally} adjusting as well as they’re able to.

We love our Baby Luke so much and are so grateful that he joined our family quickly & safely!



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