Mommy Style Monday: Spring Cleaning

There is something about spring that makes everyone want to be more organized, life more simply, and live in a clean, fresh space.  I am definitely one of those people! We’ve been working hard to stay organized and clean at our house.  Here are a few things we’ve been doing and using that have been extremely helpful!

  1. Sweeping: we’ve been sweeping our kitchen and our dining room everyday and it’s made a huge difference.  It’s annoying, for sure, but when you have a few kids that are messy eaters, it’s nice having a clean floor and not stepping in crumbs all the time.
  2. Cars: I’ve been cleaning out my car at the end of every week. I throw away everything I can, vacuum the carseats and the floors, wipe the cup holders out, empty the trunk, and air the car out. It makes such a big difference driving in a clean car!
  3. Vacuum-seal bags: I bought some at Walmart and then I found some at Dollar Tree that work just as well.  These have been awesome when it comes to packing up the boys’ clothes.  Their closet is so much more organized! Always keep an eye out at Walmart for their rollbacks.  I just bought jumbo sized bags for $2.08 each instead of $7.18 (that’s 71% off!)
  4. Going through the closet: not only am I getting rid of clothes, but our closet is big enough that I can have all my clothes out for every season, all the time.  I’ve been packing up all my winter clothes and shoes and putting them in bins in order to reduce the amount of space I currently is, more easily filter through the clothes I don’t wear, and then pack up the clothes from the cooler seasons.
  5. Laundry: Kurt and I are terrible at staying on top of laundry because we absolutely hate folding it! Washing and drying it is no problem. Folding it is difficult and then putting it away is sometimes even more difficult than that! But we’ve committed to staying on top of it and we’ve done a much better job. Anyone have any good tips on how to stay on top of laundry?! I would rather mow the lawn for a month than fold one load of laundry 😂🙈
  6. Putting shoes away: we don’t wear shoes in the house, so we always take our shoes off at the door.  But then we end up with 5-6 pairs of shoes at the door for each family member by the end of the week.  So we now have started making sure that we take them off and put them upstairs if we know we aren’t going to wear them again that day or the next (ex. my church shoes…I don’t plan on wearing heels on Monday so I just put them away instead of leaving them at the door).
  7. “___ Minute Pick-Up: this is usually a 5-10 Minute Pick Up that we do periodically throughout the day. Usually when Kurt gets home from work, he does some general cleaning while I make dinner. Then once the kids are in bed, we both do some cleaning. It makes it go at least twice as fast, and it’s not as boring because you get to spend some time together.

We are strong believers in our house that if you do the small things, having a clean house is far easier to accomplish that usual. Obviously, I still have my days where I find that Chad has taken the Parmesan cheese out of the fridge and scattered it all over my living room floor, but overall we love having a clean house. My house isn’t always clean- it’s quite frequently a reflection of my mind: full of chaos, unorganized, looking flustered, and with no end in sight to ending the craziness. Kurt is the most clean & organized person in our family- thank goodness I have him to help me out because I don’t think I could do any of it without him. We definitely aren’t perfect, but we try our best to keep our home a clean place that represents, fun, safety, and love.

My #1 priority when it comes to cleaning is that I don’t want it to get in the way of spending time with my children. Hypothetically speaking, I would always have a clean house and I wouldn’t have to worry about dividing my time, but I don’t live in that hypothetical situation! But I have the rule for myself that I will not tell Chad or Luke to go play by themselves or to “Leave me alone!” so I can clean. My top priority is making them feel loved, so if I have to wait until the end of the day at 10:00pm to clean, then that works for me!


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