Luke: 9 Months

Luke is 9 months old! He’s been OUT as long as he was in and that is a crazy thing to think about. Every month I am in awe of how quickly the last month went by…and you think I’d be used to it by now!

At 9 months, Luke:

  • Cruises along furniture
  • Can climb stairs
  • Laughs and smiles all the time
  • Sleeps through the night 90% of the time
  • Likes solid food such as graham crackers, cheerios, oreos, potatoes, broccoli, bread, goldfish
  • Has 6 teeth! (D, E, F, G, O, P) {Fun fact: adult teeth go by numbers, baby teeth go by letters}.
  • Recognizes and reacts to: Luke, Woot, Lukey Bear, Bear
  • Has similar stats to his wellness check 3 months ago.
    • Weight: 17 lbs. (9%)
    • Height: 28.5″ in. (50%)
    • Head: 75%

I’ll be honest, I’ve been worried about Luke for the last little while. He hasn’t gained any weight, and barely grew in length and I saw that coming.  I told his doctor how worried I was, and I think he could sense my nerves and my worry for my sweet baby boy.  He assured me that although it doesn’t appear like Luke is growing, he has no developmental delays, is strong enough to climb up stairs, can pull himself up and walk along furniture, and sleeps through the night and that is what is important.  He just got one of the very strong characteristics of both the Sienicki family and the Witt family- tall and thin.  We expect him to go through a growth spurt soon and are excited to have a healthy, happy baby boy.

Luke’s Favorite Things

Finger snacks • Crawling after Mom • Warm bottles • Climbing stairs • Being held • Laughing • Smiling at people • Being outside

Luke’s Least Favorite Things

Being cold • Having toys taken from him • Not getting food fast enough • Waking up early from naps • Diaper changes • Being alone • Loud noises • Being rocked • Shots • Getting knocked over


It is so weird to think that as I was scheduling Luke’s next appointment, he will be ONE in 3 months (and yes, I already started planning for his birthday party)! Luke has been my saving grace.  I honestly thought he would never come after trying for a year. But right before we were going to have tests run for secondary infertility, we found out I was pregnant. Oh how relieved I was to become a mother again.  He has been such a light every since he was born.  He and Chad have been my best little buddies and I am so grateful I get to spend every day with them!




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