Anniversary Photos

I’ve gotten SO many questions about this shoot, so I figured I’d answer all the questions I’ve received about it.

Why did you center your session around your anniversary?

There are a couple inspirations that I had when it came to wanting to do this photoshoot. • Every year, Kurt and I take an anniversary photo holding the photo we took the year before! Below you’ll see all of the ones we’ve taken. Last year was the first year we took it inside because I had to take it with a tripod and it was easier to do inside than out. I love the outdoor photos more, so we will be taking them outside from now on. I love taking a photo every year to see how we’ve changed. • Last year I saw a blog post by Amber Fillerup for her 5 year anniversary and she and her husband dressed up in a wedding dress and tux and I thought the pictures were so pretty and I thought that reliving that feeling of putting on a white dress and celebrating your relationship with the person you love was such a sweet and beautiful idea. • Kurt and I have been through a lot this past year. I think we’ve been to the darkest place in this universe and back, and really needed something that celebrated us. We had just celebrated our anniversary with a little getaway and this was a fun way to end our celebration while including our kids.

Version 2

Would I recommend taking photos for your anniversary?

YES! Oh my goodness, yes! First, if you love your wedding photos, this is such a great way to “pay homage” to that day. We had a fun time recreating some of our favorite wedding photos.  It’s so fun to put them side by side and compare them and see how we’ve changed. It was also so special to be able to share this moment with our kids.  We didn’t have any children we we got married, but to have them be a part of this little time with us was such a tender experience. I’m hoping to do this every 5 years!

What was your favorite part?

Besides getting all dressed up haha, I think my favorite thing about this session is that after looking through all of them, I could literally see how much more Kurt and I love each other.  Even during our session I feel like I fell in love with Kurt all over again. It sounds so cheesy, I know! But in all seriousness, it felt magical, just like our wedding day.

Where do I find a white dress that isn’t a wedding dress?

Being a Shop Stevie rep has it’s perks! This was a dress that I stocked in my shop and I made sure to order one in my size for this purpose.  As soon as I saw this dress I thought it would be perfect for the anniversary photoshoot I had envisioned in my head.  I’m SO glad I decided to go all out at wear a white dress. I know it’s a bit cliche but it was seriously so fun because white can be so “bridal” sometimes and that’s exactly the look I was going for.

How did the boys do?

When people say boys, I always include Kurt because he hates when we get our photos taken. Kurt hates photography sessions and shoots almost as much as he hates graduation ceremonies (which is a lot…good thing we were married when my twin sister and I graduated college or else he wouldn’t have gone. He didn’t even attend his own!!). He doesn’t like standing in front of the camera and he doesn’t feel like it’s very natural most of the time.  But, all the boys did an amazing job! The shoot went better than we expected and a lot of that comes down to the photographer we used.

Who was your photographer?

Malae Talley– she is a dream to work with and you can just feel her passion for photography during your session.  She’s so kind, personable, easy to talk to, and helps you feel comfortable in front of the camera.  I warned her in advance about how much Kurt hates doing photo shoots and she was so great and guiding him and helping him feel and look like himself in front of the camera. Kurt said he was super impressed (which means a lot coming from Kurt).


I can’t wait to do this every 5 years!



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